Age appropriate

  1. My thread on fakes vs real got me thinking - how do you know when a certain bag is age appropriate or not? I am in my early 40s so is the cambon ligne too young for me? It is hard enough with clothing - but is there a rule on bags? It isn't just the cambon line, I mean I see teeny boppers carrying classic flaps - so does that mean that Chanels are 'ageless'?
  2. I honestly think that whatever you want to carry is fine. While I agree more with the age appropriate dressing, I think bags are different, I mean, if you are 60 and love the black and pink cambon what the heck? As long as it makes the wearer happy good. We need more happy people in the world! And by the way, my mom is almost 80 and carries a Balenciaga and rocks it!
  3. ^ITA!!!

    I'm 33 and carry a big Cambon tote!:biggrin:
  4. I know you should wear/carry what you like but with all these shows telling you what to wear and how to dress - what is a girl to do? I mean I don't look my age and could pass for someone is her 30s and tend to dress that way but up to a point - i.e. no navel showing tops or lowrise jeans that show my butt - but that is more of me and my body - even if i were 20, I don't think I could carry that stuff off - but when it comes to accessories - I am totally stumped because I am supposed to shop at sections in stores where I find the clothes and shoes and stuff to be too matronly ....too many rules!!!

    But I must say when I am wearing a sequin top with a pair of rock and republic jeans and carrying a bag and I see the same outfit on a 20 year old - I do feel weird but I feel worse when I wear what I wear and see women my age wearing duds that look like housecoats.
  5. Harley you gotta stop listening to others. Are you serious? Those shows would have us all in frump outfits when we hit 30 if they had their way. Do what the heck you want, don't worry about what others think. You will live longer.
  6. meh, I hate half the crap those 'stylish broads' are pushing anyways!:blah:

  7. Great advice!! You are right, if I listen to the gurus, I would be dressed in a tent ....

  8. Ha if I listened to them I would have short hair, be wearing dockers up to my waist with some kind of dreadful flat, probably an oxford cloth shirt, and pink lipstick. hahaha I don't know why I think that is funny.
  9. oooh, sexy mental picture Irish!:graucho:
    Gotta love those mom jeans!:lol:
  10. Ha, I know you don't wear em ya hottie!
  11. :lol:
    you don't either teeny!!!!
  12. If there's anything I've learned at the ripe old age of 25, it's that you can't dress, act, or behave in a way simply to please others... it's time consuming, not worth the effort, and silly IMO. :smile: At the end of the day, if what you are wearing or carrying (hell, it could be a Cambon when you're 90, a classic flap when you're 15, who cares) is something YOU love it and makes YOU happy, then that's all that truly matters. :smile: While I do think some bags may be more classic than others, I don't think bags have an age attached to them at all (just a too high price tag hehe)! :nuts:

    Speaking of clothing, my mom's friend is twice my age, and she pretty much buys everything I buy, and even gave me her credit card number to shop for her online haha... I think it's great, because it makes her happy, and she rocks whatever she's wearing (luckily, we don't frequent a lot of the same places... otherwise, it could be double vision haha)! :heart: :nuts:

    So sure, if I see someone who is dressed inappropriately IMO (say, a micro mini and a tight "wow, that leaves nothing to the imagination" top at 70), I may think wow, because it's human nature to stop and look at something that catches your eye, in whatever capacity that may be. If that person is happy though, then good for them, hey... and what pleases one may appall another, plus who am I to judge anyway. :smile:
  13. you know who irks me the most???

    Tyra - what she does to her wanna be models is beyond awful and she always looks like a drag queen and Nina Garcia - good lord she would have a field day ripping me and my style to shreds!!
  14. Next time I walk into Chanel, I am going to be wearing body paint and nothing else ... and I will carry a fake lime green cambon ... and my hair will be dyed fushia and on my feets, fake manolo's with fur ... and carry a fake LV doggie carrier with a pot-bellied pig dressed up in juicy couture ...
  15. Uh, are you drinking?:tup: