Age-appropriate bag?

  1. I feel somewhere in-between the age range for Hermes. There are twenty-somethings with one or 2, and 40+ year olds who have one or 5. I'm 33 :amazed: and probably couldn't get an Hermes bag for another 2 years. :blink:
    With the growing popularity of these bags, will I be too old to be finally getting my first at 35?
    Is there anyone else on who didn't get their first until they were over 30? :shame:
  2. Of course not ! The shape of the Hermes bag is very timeless, and many classy ladies of all ages carry their proudly. And hey, 35 is not old at all, isn't 40 the new 30 anyways ? No need to be so conscious of age ! :amuse:
  3. PLEASE!!! They are timeless. It is not the age that has anything to do with it. It is the love of the bag you choose and the way you carry yourself and the bag as well.
  4. Thank you, kellybag and ayla, for responding. :shame:
    2 years seems like an eternity, and that's when I could only start considering it. I don't think it's my imagination - these bags are now appealing to a much younger audience... :wondering so I can't help but feel old in comparison. I think the bags look absolutely beautiful no matter who is harrying them. :love:
  5. I think they have been considered for older people in the past due to the cost....and now more and more people at any age are carrying them - and probably even younger ones due to the young celebs carrying them - they are incredible bags and the quality is amazing - I wish you luck in your 2 year plan!
  6. Age doesn't really matter .. what's important is whether you like it or not.

    I was thinking of my fuschia Kelly for future use also. I'm 30 and maybe I was wondering what happens 20 years from now because of the color. But I LOVE IT! I've seen older women also with fuschia scarves and such and why not? I think the important part is how you carry yourself and dress up with such a bright-colored bag regardless of the age.
  7. The great thing about Hermes bags is that anyone of any age can carry them. I am 36 and still waiting for my first bag too. I have many scarves and last weekend I bought a Bearn Wallet and a GM Agenda. The leather is so beautiful and soft. This is silly but I feel like a princess when I carry them. The SA is now helping me find a Plume and a Kelly. I could not have afforded to get these bags in my 20s but now that I have savings, a house and a car I have the money to get the bags. I believe they are definately worth the wait.
  8. LaVan, I am older than you and I would love a beautiful Hermes fuscia what you love and it is a part of you and you will love it as you age!
  9. Thanks Kelly ;) You always make me feel much much better :biggrin:
  10. Too old??? No way! I'm 38 and just bought my first kelly. I could never have afforded it in my 20's. I hope to have a birkin for my 40th birthday:biggrin:
  11. I think you will be a perfect age when you get your first Hermes! Don't worry! :biggrin:
  12. That's the great thing about Hermes - you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want and still pass them down as heirlooms!
  13. I didn't get my birkin until I was 30 and I definitely wasn't ready to carry an Hermes in my 20's, felt that I was too young for it.
    I plan to enjoy carrying Hermes in my 30's and onward!!
  14. For me they are totally ageless bags: they look good on a 20 yearold like a 70 yearold and all ages in between!! I'm in my mid forties and I've been carrying Hermes bags for the last twenty years, and love them now as I did then. My grandmother used her Kelly until the day she died (she was 90!) They are bags that you will enjoy all your life...:biggrin:
  15. duna- what size did your grandmother have? that is a great story. :idea:

    PGN, you and dianagrace are making me feel much better. good for you! did you order one or walk in to a store and find it?

    dianagrace, it's not silly to feel like a princess. that is the effect of total luxury and quality.