Age and Bags..

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  1. Do you think certain age groups should have certain bags?


    Do the bags go for all age groups?
  2. I don't know if age or life style should be the determining factor for purchasing a bag. This is a good question.
  3. I don't know about "should" but there are some bags out there that I feel may appeal more or look as though they're intended for younger people. I freely admit I'll do a double take if I see a 50 year old woman carrying a typical Juicy Couture bag or a pink Chanel Cambon.
  4. I don't think it matters. You can have great taste and style at any age. If you lack confidence in what you are wearing, I don't care how young or old you are, its gonna show.
  5. Shouldnt matter, if its you, do it! :yes:
  6. This is definitely going to be a personal preference, I'd think. If somebody who is 'old enough to know better' wants to carry a silly youthful bag, more power to her.

    I personally carry what I like, regardless of who the bag is intended for (read: target audence).

    Side note: I saw a woman yesterday who had to be in her seventies, and her hair was black as the ace of spades. From the back, OK. From the front - it's like, lady, grow UP already and get over it. I didn't notice her bag, she was too busy trying to get her groceries carried out for her. Attidude with an A. Come to think of it, who would dare tell her that dying her hair at her age is silly ... Well, I would. :rolleyes:
  7. It's a good thing that the older we get, the less we care what other people think.

    I don't care what the "target audience" may be. I wear whatever I like.
  8. I have found that as I get older, I have tended to seek out the lesser-known designers. I personally don't want to enter a room and see the latest "it" bag and know that I am also carrying it. I tend to care more about the style, materials used, and workmanship and if I love it, I go for it!
  9. I think that each of us knows instinctively when a bag is "right." It might be a matter of individual style rather than age.
    I have found that if a bag is not right for me, I feel silly and self conscious carrying it. And usually my gut feeling is that the bag is too "young."
    I am in my 40's.
  10. :woohoo:
  11. India you must not be looking at the news! Have you seen Sally Fields, Farrah Fawcett, Goldie Hawn and many more ladies in their late 50's/60's and their hair is dyed! This is the baby boomer generation and they are not going gently into that good night...I say if they can carry it off, good for them - go gurls! Same for bags.

    As for me and bags/age...I definitely was not into bags inmy earlier years, simply because it was not as big a business so didn't know that much..and I didn't have the disposable income to spend on much more than a $20 bag. As I've gotten older, I understand more the value of a good classic bag and I am willing to spend the money on it...but the style has to be something I like. I personally do not care for Chanel pink bags, but I am a nut for purple bags, studs, tassels, etc. I also don't carry what all the teenagers are carrying. But for the most part, as long as a bag is tasteful and not plasticy=cheap looking, I will consider it.
  12. I was referring to LV bags.

    I always buy what I want and my taste has always been towards the classic styles.
  13. ^^^oh. then you should ask a mod to move this to the LV forum then.:yes:
  14. I think most LV bags are ageless, but I personally think that the MC bags are "younger".
  15. That is where I posted it at. It was moved here.