Again with the Epi :)

  1. :p So, after a lot of thinking between the Epi and Azur, I am going to most likely get an Epi what color? I love the lilac, the Ivory and of course the classic Black. What do you all think? :idea:
  2. black is very classy and can go with anything :yes:
  3. Black or red!
  4. Ivoire!! Sooo pretty.
  5. I think ivoire speedy is so pretty!
  6. ivorie or black.
  7. I love the Ivorie!
  8. I struggle with the same thing -- love new red and ivory but the black is stunning and a bit edgier!
  9. red or ivorie. ivorie is so classy and pretty looking...
  10. Ivorie or black (but mostly ivorie)
  11. all 3 looks great :biggrin:. for me the choice depends on your current collection's colour spectrum -> personally i like variety :smile:. if it's a basic bag i'll get black or ivory :yes:.
  12. If you're planning to get something in azur later, I'd go for the black or red epi, but if it's either one, get ivoire epi. ^_^
  13. Black would be my choice....its sooo classy and shows off the Epi well....but all the colors are so cant go wrong.....
  14. Black is best! Only joking!! No black goes with everything, will not get too dirty and is timeless! Good luck with your choice!x
  15. Black or red!