Again on the Chloe board to introduce a special little treasure!

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  1. Yay!:yahoo:
    I'm so happy I can post again here! Probably most of you don't know me, but I was always on the Chloe forum...until I fell in love with Balenciaga bags.
    But of course I still appreciate the quality and the design of Chloé bags:yes: expecially the older ones, so I couldn't pass on this little treasure I had the luck to find:heart:
    Here's Miss Elfi clutch (picture courtesy of the seller)...delicious, buttery soft lamb leather, Art Decò inspired design and still the good smell of a brand new bag!:nuts: And it's a 2006 bag!
    Lastly...I want to thank the seller, who happens to be also a TPFer, a friend, and such an adorable person who made this occasion a real pleasure...Thank you!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

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  2. Hi Babi...its great to have you back here.....

    Very cool bag....

    You really have to see some of the new Chloe bags like the PARATY...OMG this bag is just PERFECTION!
  3. Mona! Thank you!
    Yes, the Paraty is tempting, but right now I'm on a ban....maybe one day ;)

    Here's the clutch with different light (the first is an AWFUL picture I took as soon as I received it...way too excited!):

  4. What a beautiful evening bag!!
  5. Very beautiful!! :drool:
  6. I love this. Great color and style, congrats, Babi!
  7. Very pretty.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats!!!
  8. Thank you, Chodessa, Bichon Lover, acshih and kbnkch!

    Yes, it's really a pretty evening bag, also if I'll try to use it also during the day sometimes, as I don't have the energy to go out clubbing anymore.
    But for a dinner with BF it's going to be perfect!
  9. very cute! congratulations!
  10. Such a cute little bag! I love it :heart:
  11. Adorable!!
  12. Thank you, bag*mad*bags, qwerty234 and llson!!
  13. Congrats :tup:!!! Lovely bag :nuts:! And I agree with Mona :yes:, you have to return to Chloe world and get mad again...
  14. Hi scarcici, thank you!!:smile:

    The problem is that I know I would not sell my B.bags to buy the Chloe bags I like (still the small Bay with the longer strap, the Betty, and the Paraty)....I would just add another addiction, and my rule of the "not more than 8-10 bags" would definitely be forgotten!
    Now, if I could afford it, it would not be such a big problem...I should seriously start trying with the lottery:roflmfao:
  15. lovely bag babi! i really like the detail at the front of it.
    good to see you here and in the bal thread.
    i think the lotto idea is a good one!