Again, is this ok?

  1. Tricia posted a thread earlier about helping a friend to get a birkin:

    Some of you said it's unethical and some said it may damage the relationship with the SA should the store finds out (I must stress that SG works very differently).

    I'm just thinking what if you're getting a birkin or kelly for your mom or MIL? Does your mom or MIL has to go thru' the whole "building relationship with SA" even if it's a gift from you?

    Or you could post this question to your SA and be open with the store?
  2. I would buy the birkin and bring my mom (no..not my mil) to the store one day. The SA will be happy to see that 1. I am truthful 2. I am their loyal customer.
  3. I still don't get the whole "building relationship with SA" concept but whatever. To answer your question, if I was to purchase a bag for my MIL or even a dear friend, I would tell SA that the bag is a gift from me to whoever. I don't care. And neither should they. It's not like they are giving away a free bag that is meant for me and me only.
  4. I would just tell your SA.truthfully .. and see what her/his reaction would be? I'm sorry I'm not very original.
  5. Is it possible to address your question to your SA directly?
  6. i agree that i don't get the whole thing but then again i do know things are different here in the US. i would talk to the SA and tell them you want to buy a bag for your mom or mother in law. i can't imagine that would not be looked kindly on. then again if it isn't would you be willing to forgoe a bag for a year so that your mom or mil could have one? i would. but that's a personal decision.

    i also believe in being as open as possible. what's the worst they can say? no?
  7. I am sorry. May I ask what are the meaning of SA, SG and MIL? :confused1:
  8. As far as building a relationship with your SA, I think that part is about trust. Your SA and the SM want to know that you appreciate Hermes and their products and that you are not a re-seller of the Hermes handbags. The boutique where I shop will not sell to a person if they are known to be a re-seller. There again if you have a good relationship with your SA then you can be upfront with them and tell the SA you are purchasing the bag as a gift for your Mother or MIL. My SA would not have a problem with that, because he knows I am not going to establish myself as a re-seller of Hermes bags and my purchases are for my personal use only.
  9. SA - Sales Associate

    MIL - Mother-In-Law

    SG - ????
  10. SG is Singapore?
  11. SA= Sales Assistant
    SM= Sales Manager
    MIL= Mother in Law
    SG= Singapore

    :smile: Hope that helps , the abbrevations are tough for my weak brain too.
    As for the topic, I know that it is different here in the states, because my SA and I probably share too much - I would tell her. I have bought many items for my Mom and am now in the process of paying $250 repairing a boxcalf Bearn which my Mother did god-knows-what-to and completely disassembled. It has to be entirely restitched w/ new HW and I was embarassed to bring it into the shop for service....Sorry to rant about that, ;)! GL with whatever you decide to do.

  12. I agree with many of the ladies, being honest and open is the way to go.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with getting a bag for your mother, MIL or sister!
    If an SA is very against it, I would question whether or not I want to have a relationship with this SA. I think it is reasonable to get your close relative or friend an Hermes bag.
  13. I don't see why an SA would have a problem with one of their regular clients purchasing a bag as a gift for anyone (ie mom, mil, friend) .. afterall .. it's a sale for the store .. I do however think that it is important to be upfront about it.
  14. Very well said. :tup:
  15. ITA but we are in the same store. LOL. I've brought my mom into the store as well and would have no problem with telling my SA that I'm looking for a particular bag for my mom.