again, i'm not cheating, but here's another something something compared with a city

  1. i just got a chanel baby cabas and i thought it would be a "small" bag, but compared to the city, it's just as big!
    i think it's even slightly bigger, but maybe because of the shape, it seems smaller.
  2. Gorgeous!! Do you happen to have pics of you modeling the new bag??? I would love to see how it hangs on a real person =)
  3. heehee... sea! You're going for a ride on the Chanel train! :biggrin: loving the black baby cabas!
  4. Congrats on the new bag. Thanks for a comparison pic.
  5. Seahorse, I've been eyeing the Chanel cabas, too. That sure looks great on you though. How much is the baby one by the way?
  6. Seahorseinstripes.
    I really love your new Chanel and your modelingpics are so nice.
    U look so good in that nice dress with the buttefly`s.
    I think the leather looks so yummie and soft i would like to smell and almost taste it.
    Was this the reason your where selling a lott off firsts,
    the it was a good reason.

    Congrats i love it:heart: :heart: :heart:

  7. Seahorse, both bags are :love::love::love: and you look fabulous wearing the Chanel, too! Congrats!!:yes:
  8. your new bag is beautiful
  9. seahorse, congrats on your baby cabas!:yahoo: wow, it is the same size as the city.. if not bigger. i have the original cabas and it's as big as the weekender! it looks great on you!
  10. i love ur chanels...they are just great :smile:
  11. angelphaery, it's 1795$ retails wo tax.
    fxfanleeuwen, :crybaby: yes, for these cabases i have to sacrifice some of my b bags :crybaby:

    thank you all for the nice words :yes:
  12. Another Chanel?? AGAINNNN!! I'm jealous.
  13. :drool: o0o0o sea - love the new CHANEL piece... BUT what are you trying to do??? Are you secretly recuriting members for the CHANEL Forum??? :busted :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:


    Thanks for the comparison pics!!! :yes:
  14. ^^ That is so funny. Love the modeling pics!!