Again I am slapped by EBAY

  1. I am so upset with eBay. I put 2 items on, both authentic LV's, at 7 am this morning. One finally got up almost 12 hours later and the other doesn't show up yet at 7:30 pm tonight. Okay, so now I have started listing them for 10 days, since it takes a whole day for them to allow them to be put on. I am looking through the items that are newly listed and I see a fake bag that screams fake, even the leather straps go all the way over the LV logos.:throwup: and this listing got up within 3 hours. What is the deal!!! I have had this happen to me over and over, eBay says to just write the department that does that and I do and they send me the same form letter that they send when telling me I can only sell 3 bags at a time. Okay, I have a clean as a whistle selling history, great items, buyers, etc. and they have put the chains to me because they are afraid of the fakes that are out there. (They mean the ones they allow over and over to get on). Yet I see time and time again, sellers selling numerous fakes and being able to sell many at a time and they actually get sold for hundreds of dollars!! What is going on. I can't believe that eBay's department that is to be checking this stuff, waits on my listings for hours and hours and lets this fake bag up instantly. Ebay is cutting their throat. We all need to start our own online handbag selling site. Something has to give and it seems that it is those of us that follow the rules, especially the golden rule and get punished over and over again by Ebay. Why???:crybaby:Sorry I had to vent...........:cursing:
  2. You just have to report the fakes, and keep on doing what you're doing. That's really all you can do, unfortunately. :s
  3. I believe eBay makes listings with certain keywords delay from showing up immediately, such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga & etc. Other "not so expensive" or "not that popular" keywords would show up within a couple minutes. I guess eBy want to exam those listings before releasing them, even they did very lousy jobs on this.
  4. My listing had Authentic Louis Viutton and this fake bag listing had Auth Louis Vuitton. maybe it is the whole word Authentic that does it.
  5. I feel your pain. Actually, that was what initially brought me to tPF was to sell and BUY with what I perceived to be less risk.

    I agree, there has to be a better way than dealing with all the scam artists on eBay.
  6. I really wish there was another auction site than ebay. There are so many things that have gone downhill with ebay. The fees have gotten terrible. And the number of fake bags for sale right this minute are awful.

  7. Yes! I was wondering if this is something new. I've been on ebay for 13 years and have never had any limitations on how many I can sell on ebay until recently. I clean my closet out at least twice a year and was trying to list like 9 Chanel, LV, and Gucci items and they stoppled me at like 7 listings or something. It's so frustrating. So I ended up switching to my buying account to sell the rest. :tdown:
  8. I hear you. I feel the pain too. They only allow me to list very few Chanel pieces at a time and I haven't seen my listings shown up in the search yet! It has been 4 hours and I suspect I need to wait many more. Why don't they charge less for the lost time? I wish I have other choices than Ebay!!
  9. Im the same, Ive been listing 10 days, it takes so long, if I want a quick sale and need the cash then I have to decide a day/ a few days before that I may buy something, unless I do have the cash haha !.
  10. So sorry you are so frustrated.... keep reporting the fakes and hopefully it will help somewhere down the line