Again a bag in PM?

Mar 11, 2009
Hello :smile:

I'm thinking about buying my first Azur bag -> Neverfull.
Since now I have always bought the smaller sizes of bags (Bloomsbury PM, Totally PM, Pochettes). That's why I decided this time for the Neverfull MM in Azur. But after watching some pictures of the PM and MM, I realize that I prefere the PM size again, even though it is pretty small. I don't have any LV bag which fits an A4 note pad although I like to carry books and some papers with me, but I always love the PM size because it looks so cute and I am not really tall. For me the form looks better and more characteristic in PM size. The MM or GM sizes of Neverfull and Totally often look like a square to me and slouchy when there is not enough in it. :thinking:I also prefere that the handles/straps don't look so small and thin at the PM bags.

For me there has to be a size between PM and MM. :sad:

What do you think? Should I buy again a PM size (Neverfull PM in Azur) or go for the MM?

Miss Bel Air


Mar 6, 2010
You should really go to a store and try them on yourself.. I'm just like you.. I prefer the PMs usually because I like smaller purses and I'm petite too.. but when I went to order my mon monogram NF thinking of the PM, I changed my mind at the store because it's soooooooooooo small.. definitely cute but not very functional. If you don't normally carry much stuff then it's probably fine but you should totally go try them on so you can judge for yourself. I thought MM would be too big for me but I'm loving it now!
Mar 11, 2009
I already had the Neverfull PM in Mono but I sold it because I bought the Totally in Mono and the two bags are quite similar.

The PM size was okay for me and I could always fit one or two small books. But actually I need a LV bag that could fit more and also an A4 note pad.

Since now I only tried on the Totally in MM and this bag looked so huge on me and I've seen in a vid that there is no great difference between Totally MM and NF MM?
Sep 8, 2010
Berlin, Germany

That's quite funny I've been the opposite always went with the GM... ;)

But if you really love the pm then you should go for it. But it is a small bag and won't fit that much things... What I noticed by the azur print it makes bags look bigger, don't get fooled it might looks huge but its really doesn't...

But my advice besides trying both bags again would be go for the MM and if you feel it's to big, don't forget that size looks cinched super cute! ;)

Good luck deciding