AG Jeans

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  1. I have not tried these on, and was wondering if anyone here is a fan. I have read that they are quite wonderful, and I am always looking for jeans that flatter!
  2. I have heard really great things about AG jeans too, but they just don't work on me personally. I know that Anthropologie used to sell them in the store when I used to work there. Good luck!
  3. i have 2 pairs and love them (Angel). But I love my citizens jeans even more- great fit!!!
  4. AG jeans are great for everyday use in my opinion!!
  5. I love AGs! I just bought the Joy online and I have the Angel...I think they were on Oprah's favorite things list once?
  6. Yes, I think these were the ones she had in her jeans intervention show.
  7. The Angels are their most popular style and those are the ones that fit me best. The quality is excellent, you really get what you're paying for, and the only negative thing I have to say is that their "trademark" label seems to rip after a couple washes. Other than that, wonderful jeans!