AG Jeans End of Season Sale, 50% off Selected Items!


    I love this company and how good they are to their employees! Please support my friends at AG. I have no affiliation with this company aside from the fact that I know some of their execs and they are THE NICEST people you could ever have the pleasure of knowing!:tup:
  2. AG is my favorite brand of jeans. Too bad they don't have my favorites in my size here. But thanks for posting!
  3. these are awesome jeans, just picked up 2 pairs! thanks for the post.
  4. AG jeans! I love them! I have the "gamin" jeans and I wish I had 5 more pairs!!!! such good quality and fit.
  5. They had Angels (Mica wash) in my size for $72 - yay!!! Thanks for the heads up, I can't wait to see how they fit on me. :smile:
  6. omg, i luv ag jeans, they fit soooo good!!! thank you!!!
  7. wish they had some crops
  8. do any of these jeans fit similar to Citizens of Humanity Kelly jeans? I like the way it sits just below my waist and is not low-low rise. KWIM?
  9. I just got these at the AG store. They are AWESOME.

    FYI, if you have an AG store near you, they have the same sale but with lots more stock. I just got some Angels in Mica and the Club in 3 AM for half price and they had tons more stuff too.
  10. I love AG jeans. I had no idea they had a website. Thanks for posting!!
  11. I'm so sad that the sale isn't online!
  12. The sale is online until February 4! Go get them ladies & gentlemen!
  13. Thanks so much! I loveeeee the Julia and Pamela sweaters...
  14. Unfortunately they were less than awesome on me. :crybaby:I'm only 4'8'' and the flare began so far down the loooong inseam that it would be completely lost on me after hemming. It also gaped a little too much at the waist. Not unwearable but just not good enough. Oh well...I'll return it and put the funds towards a Paige or Sevens petite (which I'm afraid I'll have a hard time finding at reduced price). Unless one of the other AG styles would suit me better.
  15. Oh, what a bummer. I'm sorry. I am pretty tall and usually need a long inseam. I'm sorry they didn't work for you.

    I like the Club style too, but these might be a similar problem I think AG tends to have a long inseam in general but not sure. Usually I like AG because they gap at the waist much less on me than other jeans do. Have you tried on the Club?