AG Angel Jeans

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  1. Hey,
    was wondering if the AG Angel jeans fits similar to the Citizens Of Humanity Kelly jeans. They have the same rise, but how does it fit ard the butt area?

    I love how the COH's Kelly fit, but I dont have the extra bucks to spend on it right now(AG is having a sale). It sits nicely below my waist, makes my butt bootylicious AND it doesnt expose my underwear or butt crack.
  2. anyone?!
  3. Hi! :smile: I love, love, love AG's!!! :love: I wear a 27 in them, and a 28 in COH's (pretty consistent with most styles), so I think you might want to size down in the AG's. I have a problem with some of my COH's (Ingrid) where the butt gets saggy, or there is a little too much extra material in the inner thigh, but AG's look amazing after a zillion wears! :nuts: I'd say AG's are comprable to COH Kelly's, with the Legend being the best AG style IMHO. :flowers: Is there a sale at AG stores? :nuts:
  4. i don't remember which AG jeans i had but i think the Angel is slightly higher-rise than the kelly ...
  5. OOh...thank u guys so much! I decided to go with it! the price was too good to pass up!
    anyway..the Ag stores and online are having 50% off selected items! go check it out!