Afternoon ruined

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  1. While on an outing with my children and my 4 month old Neverfull MM DA, almost an entire Fruit Punch Gatorade spilled inside my bag! I literally cried. My son accidentally left the top off and put the Gatorade inside my bag. When he went to get it out, it opened and Gatorade went EVERYWHERE, all over the lining and the pochette that comes with it. I don't think the leather got any on it, thank God. Anyway I cleaned as much as I could and ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462652123.185237.jpg called customer service and they suggested to try and clean it with mild soap and water, which I am afraid to try. Another alternative would be to replace the lining which would take 6-8 weeks and they couldn't quote a price without seeing it. I am very upset as you can imagine. Has anyone had this or anything similar happen? If so what did you do? What should I do?
  2. Oh dear! As upsetting as it is, accidents happen and although it's not what you want to hear, it could always be worse. Honestly, I do not think soap and water will do anything for that stain. I'd choose to have the lining replaced if it were me. Yes, you'll be without the bag for 6 weeks, but it's early May. You could potentially have your bag back mid- June with a brand new lining. Good luck.
  3. Try mild soap and water: as long as you don't touch any vachette part, nothing bad can happen. If it doesn't help much, have the lining replaced. Life is full of little accidents! This will make a cute story in 20 years! 😃
    "Remember when mom cried because your Gatorade spilled in her purse?"
  4. Yikes! Sorry that happened. I agree that soap and water won't clean it and sending it in is the way to go.
  5. That's a bummer. :sad: Have you thought about a bag organizer that would basically hide the stain? Then, send it in to get replaced if it still bothers you during the winter.
  6. I'm really sorry this happened to you. I don't have much advice but I thought I'd commiserate with you. My daughter spilled an entire beer over my LV pallas 😢
    I had an instant sick feeling.

    I pretty much got it cleaned up, I still smell a faint smell of stale beer.

    Hope you get it all cleaned up or replaced without too much issue.
  7. I am sorry to hear this happened. But as Fabuleux says, I think this accident would become a funny story; I would try soap and water. If not, have the lining replaced. :smile:
  8. Thanks guys. It may make for a funny story later but I am far from laughing now. Any idea on the cost to replace the lining?
  9. Oh wow, now thats a total buzzkill, sorry that happened. Try giving it a nice cleaning and if worse comes to worse you can always get it relined.

    I had a ice pop melt in my DE speedy and I was able to clean the lining with water and soap but of course that lining is more forgiving. Dont even ask why I had an ice pop in my bag, it was crazy night.
  10. So, so sorry. Try not to let it ruin your afternoon. I hope the stain is lessened with a little cleaning. That light lining shows everything. A bag organizer is a great idea.
  11. It won't be cheap... Around $300 USD last time I checked. Maybe try a stain pen like Tide or something because the lining after all is just cotton. You could also try pretreating it just like you would clothes and then using detergent to try to get the stain out.
  12. Turn it inside out and clean it that way. Might be easier to avoid getting the leather wet. I would probably take my kitchen faucet hose and stay it best I could while protecting the leather, maybe wrap the handles in a towel. All easier to do inside out. But that's me, I know many may not recommend it, but really what have you got to lose
  13. I would turn the bag inside out and stain stick it then rinse with cold water. I think most of this will come out just be careful with the trim. I had great success doing wmthis with the hampstead bag in azur. I think the lining in your neverfull will work even better than the hampstead. Test a small area first. Please let us now how this trund out for you:smile:
  14. Hmmm I wonder if a mixture of a light solution of warm water and oxi clean in a spray bottle might help?
  15. White vinegar may help get the red color out . I would dilute some in a spray bottle and keep blotting the fabric after you spray . At least you have to option of replacing the lining :sad: