Afternoon Project with LV Ocean Liner Label Postcards


Jul 18, 2013
My dear SA surprised me with the LV Ocean Liner Label Postcards delivered to my hotel suite the night before my wedding. I have been wanting to do something special and not just have them hidden away. Part one of the project has been completed! Last month while visiting my SA I asked if I could have a shopping bag that was the biggest size they had in the store. :smile: Next, I headed to Michael's and found the perfect half price frame that reminded me of an aged wooden trunk. Finally, I raided my leftover wedding supply box for spray adhesive and a glue stick. So while DH watched college football (and I half watched/mostly listened), my ocean liner labels framed up beautifully on the LV shopping bag background. DH was completey shocked at how great it turned out. He was very skeptical when I told him we are going to hang LV framed postcards in the dining room! Haha. I could only fit half the postcards in this frame so I will have to make a part two...The pics of my project are to follow. :smile:


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