aftermarket diamonds?

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  1. what are your thoguhts of aftermarket diamonds on a watch? thanks!
  2. doesn't it void the watch's warranty?
  3. ^^^yes
  4. Okay, I thought so. That's why I'm looking at watches w/ bling on them already. My luck is I'll need the warranty, LOL!
  5. ^^ i have a couple of micheles with diamonds, and i love them, but i stumbled upon a tank with aaftermarket diamonds and i love it.
  6. Cartier tank? I would assume that Cartier would never touch it after that... so as long as you have someone else you could take it to if it needed service, I dont see anything wrong with it..
  7. ^ yes- cartier wouldn't touch it. but i'd be okay with that, i think . unless tpfers think it's a bad idea?
  8. I think the question is - are you buying it for resale/collectors value or because it is shiny?
    Resale/Collectors value is almost nothing after you do after-market alterations on a watch. Even cleaning or painting the dial will destroy the value. Heck, with some Rolexes - sending it in to Rolex will destroy the value (they will replace the luminous hands from the 60s with modern ones)
    But if it makes you happy, the price is right, and you have a watchmaker you trust - go for it.
  9. ^^^ i think that is right. and i just think it is shiny and pretty! but maybe i should think that if i am spending that kind of $, maybe i should buy one with it's integrity in tact. hmm... thanks so much- this is exactly what i was wondering about.
  10. I agree with Vintage that if you have a great watch guy, you could go for it - I have a great guy who buys and sells high-end and he is absolutely obsessed (in a good way) with watches. He can work on most any brand, I trust him. I have bought pre-owned Rolexes from him, one with aftermarket diamonds.
  11. if you don't plan on ever reselling it, then it doesn't matter.
  12. ^ another good point. it would be a keeper, so... i guess if i like it...
  13. if you bought a cartier from jomashop or the like, cartier wouldn't touch it either, right?
  14. Right, Cartier does not warranty gray market watches.
  15. Depends on what you mean by "touch it"
    If you mean, will they issue a warrenty, and serve it - No, they will not

    Will they service the watch - Yes, but you will have to pay for it. I recently (4 yrs ago) inherited my grandmother's tank (from the late 50s), and brought it in for its decadual cleaning and servicing. Nothing wrong with it, mind you - I just like to have all mechanical watches cleaned and serviced every decade.
    The cost was $400. Over the life of the watch, that will add up.