After Your BBag Addiction Started ......

  1. Did you get rid of your OTHER designer bags?
    If you kept them, do you ever USE them anymore?

    :P :P
  2. I sold 2 LV's and a Kate Spade so far...but still have a few OTHERS I can't part with...yet
  3. Funny you ask - just today I put my first expensive bag on ebay, an MJ! I had such emotional attachment to it, it took me the longest to decide to part with it. And the rest I already got rid of - the Prada, Miu Miu, vintage Gucci and LV, and Anna Corinna. Balenciaga leather just ruined me to other bags :sad:
  4. I always wanted a Babg but couldnt find them here in the OC for some reason. I carried Chloe all year and amassed about 25 of them or so (give or take), started selling them off before I got my first Bbag (kinda over the whole lock thing)...and now I only have 1 left (Gawd, someone please buy the Tekla I have listed! Please! I'm begging you...I digress...)........I carried Coach for a long time, Dooney when they had classic styles like the Essex, a couple of Kate Spade, and now Balenciaga. I finally have the bags I want that suit me. Very happy. It will be a looooong relationship I'm sure.:heart:
  5. I'll be getting rid of some of my Coach bags, except for some really nice vintage thick floppy leather ones. I'll be getting rid of some Pradas, and just listed a Miu Miu today. But I'm still devoted to my Fendis. Still actively on the lookout to expand my Fendi Spy collection. the leather on those bags is insane. :smile:

    So I'm not monogamous, but definitely most rabidly obssesed by Bbags.
  6. I split my time between my Bbags and LV! The Botkier and Anna Corina don't stand a chance :crybaby:
  7. I still have some old school marc jacobs that I can't part with, but I've sold pretty much everything else after falling for Balenciaga bags.
  8. yup i have started selling them off one by one. slowly. and giving them up is so painful. but i have way more balenciagas than non b bags. and no i hardly use then anymore thus the selling.
  9. As much as I love B-bags, I am not faithful. There are just too many other designer brands I love too, I like variety!
  10. I still have my LV pochette and Coach bags and other clutches. I feel that my Bbags serve a different purpose when I'm using them... I like my LV pochette when I don't have much to carry and just want a small bag. So no.. I don't think I'll be getting rid of my other designer bags :yes: The more the merrier!
  11. I've always had a small purse collection. After I bought my first B-bag, it was game over for me. I haven't bought any other designer bags since then.

    I didn't really have to sell my designer "pre-Balenciaga" bags. They serve a purpose and I use them when my B-bags aren't "appropriate" for the occasion. Needless to say, I haven't used them in ages. :Push:
  12. I sold my Vera Bradley's and Dooney's. But I continue to love and collect Louis Vuitton in addition to Balenciaga. I still buy Vera's as gifts for family members who love VB bags, and I bought a Dooney for myself a while back. But after I had Balenciaga and LV to choose could I choose anything else?
  13. welp, since my b-bag addiction started 6 months ago, i've sold most of my other bags :P...the only others i have now are 3 gucci's, 2 YSL's, 2 moo-moo's ("miu miu") & a few le sportsac bags :tender:

    p.s. forgot to mention that i do wear & adore my non b-bags!!!
  14. No sales for me. Still have my LVs, MJs, Chloes, Pradas, Tods, etc. In fact I added new designers; Jimmy Choo, Nancy Gonzalez and Bottega Veneta. I'm running out of room for clothes and all my shelf space is taken over by handbags! :love:
  15. Once I started using bbags, I didn't really use anything else besides Chanel. There are a lot of bags I really like, but I always go back. Love them!!