After you buy a MJ from eBay...

  1. Do you take it to a dry cleaners immediately an clean it?

    And a question about Marc Jacobs/Marc by Marc Jacobs dustbags, are the 'handles' made of thin black string? I recently bought a bag online and am wondering if this is what it's supposed to be.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. I've bought three MJ bags off eBay but luckily, none of them had any bad odors or stains. I never thought of taking them to the dry cleaners actually.

    As far as the dust bags go, I'm not at home this weekend so I can't check for sure, but I want to say that the strings on all my dust bags are white. I'm back home tomorrow so I'll make sure then.
  3. The strings on my MJ dustbag is white too
  4. I bought many MJ bags from eBay and have never had problems with odors so far, so don't really take it to cleaners. The string for my MJ dustbags are all white.
  5. ^ Are the strings for both Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs supposed to be white? I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs one that's black...
  6. I just checked, and my Marc by Marc Jacobs dust bag has a black string.
  7. Mine are all white string too.

    I don't buy badly stained bags on eBay unless it's a really rare bag. I do give them a good cleaning once I receive any bags off ebay. I'll use apple guarde clearner or some baby wipes. It's good to use a suede brush for the interior too. If it was really bad, then I'd consider taking it to the dry cleaners.
  8. I always thought Marc by Marc Jacobs dustbag had black strings too. I know the classic Marc line has white string...

    ^ thithi, is your dustbag Marc by Marc Jacobs or just Marc Jacobs?
  9. ^ I don't have any MBMJ bags, just the MJs... I did have one MBMJ at one point but I have no recollection what color string the dustbag had.