After years without, got a new puppy, PIC!

  1. We have owned 2 Shih Tzu's in the past, both registered with CKC, microchipped yadda, yadda...
    Anyhow, we put our 14 year old Mr.Magoo down in 2001.. the sadness was overwhelming, whereby we swore never to get another dog again.
    Fast forward... I have two girls 10 and 8.. they still remember Magoo and have been pestering me for a dog for years. I tried fish and mice to curb their pet longing.. but of course that only works for a little while! :nogood:
    I finally caved 3 weeks ago and got them a Shih Tzu, as I know the breed.
    Anyhow.. w/o further ado.. here is Lady Snickerdoodle, or Snickers for short!
  2. I think your pup is so cute!! Here is a pic of my daughter's Shihtzu when he was little I think they kind of look alike .......anyway, your pup is beautiful!, (the other dog is my Pekingnese)

  3. OMG.. how sweet!!!!! Both dogs are adorable! Kind of neat how they have similar coloring.. they look related! lol
    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Look at that sweet face. I'm glad that you caved. Congrats.:smile:
  5. OMG!!! Your puppy is absolutely adorable! Congrats! And may I say I admire you pet naming skills, lol, lady snickerdoodle is sooo cute
  6. Congrats on your new snickerdoodle!
    What a cutiepie that will bring alot of joy to your family :smile:

    bobobags- OMG!
    i want to reach in the computer and steal that adorable puppy.
    Looks like a stuff animal.
  7. OMG so cute!
  8. OMG how cute!!!!! I love the name!!

    Bobobags-Love both your babies!
  9. what a darling. May you have many many years of love and enjoyment with her!
  10. Such a cute puppy- I love the name too! I hope you and your family have many years of happiness with her!
  11. Snickerdoodle is adorable! :smile:
  12. awwww

    how adorable. I was at the animal shelter the other day and couldnt tear myself away from the dogs. they are so adorable! lol
  13. Awwwww how cute! Snickers is a doll :love: and bobobags both your dogs are adorable too!
  14. OMG she is totally precious. What an adorable name too!!

    Congrats she is beautiful!
  15. OMG! Whenever someone posts pix of puppies, it always makes me want a puppy lol! Congrats on your new addition! SOOOOO CUTE!!