After years on Ebay, I finally got HACKED!

  1. Luckily eBay caught it pretty quickly, right about the same time I noticed it LOL

    I logged in to check my auction and saw that all my bids on it had been cancelled, by ME, and was confused as heck. I emailed a couple people and then i got the email from eBay telling me my password had been compromised and I had to reset it.

    I spoke to their security department, gave them the email attached to the spam mail the hacker had sent out and had my listing ended by eBay. That is the part that sucks the most, it had 2 days left on it and had quite a few interested people, now I have to start over from the beginning!

    Just a warning to you Ebayers out there, I NEVER respond to links via my email, always through Ebay itself, so I have no clue how this happened... just glad it got fixed quickly.
  2. gosh

    so glad you were on the ball and got it sorted quickly
  3. Oh my. Any idea how this could have happened? You've got some sort of virus on your comp that's sending your keystrokes to the hackers? Do you use auction snipers? I worry about these auction sniping sites coz so many of freely giveaway out passwords to these sites without considering the possibility that these could be setup by hackers just get our passwords... just an idea... :s
  4. That's scary! Glad you got it straightened out quickly!
  5. My dad's account got hacked a few weeks ago, and person listed a bunch of porn in his store! Luckily he got everything straightened out quickly, and before anyone bid on any of them, haha.
  6. This happened to me too. They tried to sell a minivan using my ebay account. They were somewhere in the uk. They also figured out my email password and had all of my emails forwarded to they email address. Fortunatly I caught it quick and had the listing cancelled.

  7. No clue how it happened, someone said that even the links in the messages in ebay can be the cause of it. I don't use a sniping program either.

    Fortunately my Ebay password is nothing like my email password, so they won't be able to get in to it!
  8. This is a good lesson to all of us, I think. It's very important to have different passwords for your e-mail, ebay, and paypal accounts. Then if they get one, well at least that's all they get.
  9. wow, really odd. Glad things were straigtened out!