After years does louis leather naturally turn black?

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  1. First off, yesterday I found my vuitton laying on my bed with my lotion bottle laying against the handle. I about went in to cardiac arrest and it took like an hour calm me down. The stain is maybe dime size but only 1 shade darker then what it is now. Do you think it will blend in as it reaches patina? I am much calmer about the fact because what's done, is done. It could have been worse, right? :smile:

    Anther question I have is; eventually after it passes that patina stage, does it turn black or is that only caused by dirt? I take great care of bag but this slip up really upset me. I know the black is caused by dirt but once it gets so dark does it stay that way?? or??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. please..
  3. yes, I will post them tonight.

    do you know if leather turns black though? and I don't mean with use like laying it on the ground. If I don't have any dirt spots and it just has patina.. eventually will the handles turn black?
  4. no, it doesnt just spontaneously turn black
  5. Black is dirt.
  6. I don't think the leather would turn black due to old age. I saw some really old vintage bags (30+yrs) and they have a really nice deep warm brown colour to them. Black would mostly like mean it is dirty.

    If the colour is only a shade deeper, then with time the rest of the bag will catch up to even it out.
  7. After the bag has patined to as dark as you'd like it to go, maybe you should start thinking of treating it with a waterproof/dirtproof seal. If you do this, the handles will never turn black, but they will look like they have a wet glaze on them, but I think that's a lot nicer than black.

    I wouldn't put the seal on before the late stages of the patina process because the seal causes the bag to look shiny, and if the patina is still light it looks odd but after the leather has darkened on it's own to the point where it's only going to get unattractive, I'd think about a leather seal if you want to prevent the handles from becoming black tinged.
  8. Some of those old bags are not vachetta though right?

    They are the caramel leather the french company used?
  9. I had two tiny drops of water recently stain my limited edition Vuitton Cup messenger from 1992... I was shocked! It did make the vachetta seem black (from moisture), but for only a few hours, and then it lightened up, so most of the stain is pretty much blended into the deep patina already present! I got over it. Took a week though...

  10. Yes, the French Company bags already have a honey color (they were treated). There are still some pretty old vintage pieces from LV that have darkened through the years. Whenever I see black handles, I think of dirt. Although you can always get them replaced.
  11. I think lotion or sunscreen is a big cause of black handles.
    I don't think it was necessarily dirty hands...hands start to sweat in a matter of seconds so there's not much you can do to stop that from happening.
  12. The black is usually caused by dirt. Once the leather is dark, you can clean it with saddle soap.
  13. ^oh come on :biggrin: I'm sure the most expensive patchwork bag would get high bids at a modern art auction.