after xmas sales

  1. anyone know which stores are doing what...............especially bloomies or macys? :p
  2. Macys is always great but get there early!!!
  3. bloomies sent out an after christmas sale catalog to their cardholder members and i believe it has some savings passes in there, but i'm not sure i can't find mine! haha, but i do know that clearance/sale merch will be 50% off instead of the 40% off it was before christmas and for their "twas the night before christmas" sale. a selection of boots will also be 50% off i believe, but i think some brands may be excluded. as far as handbags go, i think they may be 50% off instead of 40% as well, but you should call and check. you can also presale as always! stores open at 8am on the 26th.