After Xmas Sales - Where Are the Best Prices for MJ Bags?

  1. Where are the best deals on MJ bags during all the after Xmas sales? I know Nordstroms is taking addtl markdowns, but unless they are adding new bags, there really wasn't much of anything left. I see no MJ bags at NM (online, not sure what's left in stores), and even tho NAP took addtl markdowns, it looks like MJ bags are still 40% off.

    I keep reading about all these bargains that people are finding - Where are they??
  2. There will be some deals at Saks, this morning from 8 am to noon - an additional 50% off the markdown price. Then they go to an additional 40% off the markdown price. NM will have an additional 25% off the markdown price. They'll be returns all week at the stores, so, you never know you'll find.
  3. chek Barney's too.....i'm not gonna go in to any stores today, but i'm calling to see if i can get a zip clutch at a discount
  4. Can someone let me know if they see a Mayfair or little Stam on sale?! :heart:
    All the online sales are pretty much either all gone or aren't that great!!
  5. if you're happen to be in SF, definitely check out Saks.. they have several MJ Olga in ivory when i left this morning.. and couple of MJ Mani in plum..

    i'm not sure if they're taking phone orders when it's busy, but you should try.. :smile:
  6. At my Saks in BH, the purse sale tables were wiped clean after the first 1/2 hour. I can't believe that other stores still had some stock left!
  7. Have you tried They're having 30-50% off some Marc Jacobs bags, such as the stam etc.
  8. i bought an MJ bag for nearly 75% off retail at the SAKS event this morning..