After working out and dieting...

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  1. I've posted before about what I have been through for the past 2 years.. On WW and off.. I stepped on the scale today-- 118!
    I haven't been this weight for over 3 years, and even then that was for about a month before I started to gain..but not this time!
    YAY!!!!!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. :drinkup: Congrats!!!!!
  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you.

    I am in the process of getting healthier (lost 13 lbs - only 38 more to go:smile: and your story makes me feel that I can achieve my goal.

    Have a great holiday!
  4. Great story. Inspiring me!
  5. 2 years ago , I started at 145.. and I've been down to 119 but gained..Now i've lost it all again and its going to stay off! You can do it girls!!!
  6. Good for you!!!!! How did you do it?
  7. Congratulations! That is wonderful! What did you do to achieve your goal?
  8. Congrats!!! I'm aiming for around that too!
  9. Oh my gosh that's AWESOME!! Way to go - huge congrats to YOU!
  10. Weight Watchers.. I really believe in the program. As long as you set realistic goals for yourself..its possible
    I'm now looking into doing clinical nutrition.. It has really turned my life around
    I'm also at the gym 5 days a week,doing 20 minutes of cardio and weights.

    You can do it girls (and guys!) Just believe in yourself!!!!!
  11. Way to go, girl!
  12. Major CONGRATS to you. Way to go!!!!!! :smile:

    I need to lose at least 20 lbs :sad: so difficult at the holidays...
  13. well c'mon rella869, we can always use more encouragement!
  14. That is wonderful! I didn't follow your struggle to get to this weight, so do you mind telling me how much you lost? Whatever...118 would be my dream weight. :heart: Congratulations! :smile:
  15. Hi everyone..sorry about my absence from this thread, I've been very busy with finals!

    Long story short, About 4 years ago I was 147, went down to 118 by excersing and then met my boyfriend and slowly the weight crept back up to 145... That's when I got serious...
    I started weight watchers and it helped me shed about 25 pounds..within last few months I've been yo-yoing between 120-127lbs. Once I hit 127, depression sunk in and I started my WW regimine again.
    I DO NO RECOMMEND YO-YOING WITH YOUR WEIGHT! I know this is unhealthy..
    So I joined the gym with a good friend of mine and we go during our lunch hour..20 min of cardio, we split it between the stepper,precour and the treadmill..and then we do abs and arms if we can fit it in. It's been 2 months since then and I've lost 7 pounds though healthy dieting (I'm back on WW) and going to the gym
    I do not obsess over what I eat, but I do keep a very watchful eye on myself during the week. I set aside one "bad" day for myself and believe it or not, it actually helps me lose weight by doing that. It boosts my metabolism to burn more!
    I do not have a set goal weight or waist size, but I just want to look healthy and toned. Plus, I'm going to Jamaica in Jan (birthday present from my boyfriend!) so that helps keep me on track...although I am scared of putting on a bikini my boyfriend thinks I'm insane., but I think I'm still just insecure about how I would look in a bathing suit.

    Tell me your stories girls!