After weeks of searching I finally found the perfect clutch!!!

  1. I have been looking for the perfect clutch! I was hoping to find something that I could wear with a little black dress or with my jeans and a cute top. I am trying to but things these days that are good with more than one or two outfits and due to a back problem I have been looking for an alternative to the speedy style bag (the only kind of bag that doesn't seem to bother my back these days).

    I didn't plan on spending so much but I found a bag that fits all of the above criteria! The L.A.M.B Convertible Clutch. It's a large clutch that turns into a small hand held tote. I don't have pics but it's on the Nordstroms site but it looks like it's going to be great. I bought it in Black but it it works out it comes in a red, brown and black combo that is Fab!!!
  2. i saw someone carrying the rasta one the other day and it looked super cute BUT i think that $425 is a bit much for a LAMB bag made of canvas :sad:
  3. yeah..I agree. Mine is all leather. The sales person told me she had the Rasta and the Rasta Fabric doesn't wear that well. I agree it is cute though.
  4. Where did you find one that was all leather? and was i the same price as these ones? :smile: thanks! i would be MUCH more inclined to one in leather! :smile: thanks!
  5. I have one in leather too. I love it!

  6. When it comes please post pics!
  7. where did you guys find the all leather ones? and what was the price like? thanks!
  8. I got mine at Nordstroms. If I remember correctly it was $525. I got it at the beginning of Nov. They also had the same one I have in black and a chartruese color.