After waiting 3 months : Edith!

  1. Yesterday I've gone to my loved boutique here in Italy
    There was only my Edith... they received only 2 and the other one has been sold in a min..

    It has not been love at first sight, it is a completely different kind of bag from Balenciagas or the Paddingtons ...
    It is more serious as bag, as the Ysl Muses but i think i will love it..
    DSC00637.JPG DSC00636.JPG DSC00634.JPG
  2. I agree that it looks more serious than Bbag or Paddy but it also looks chic when you wear with jeans. Nice choice. I think whisky is the best color for Edith. Congrat!!
  3. I hope you do grow to love it...congrats!
  4. Very pretty :smile:
  5. The leather is not so soft as in Balenciaga bags
  6. l_b,

    Congrats on getting your Edith! The leather is stiff when you originally receive it but will soften with use. However, every Edith is different with their texture/pebbling so maybe you will find another one that you will love? I've been noticing that the Edith comes in two that is oblong (like yours) or stout (like mine).
  7. congrats~!! i have a whisky edith too, and i love it!!
  8. oh, u'll love it! i have one and i rally love it. i wear it in turn for my b-bag
  9. just perfect! congrats!
  10. I think that the edith is a bag which you'll appreciate with time and use. It makes a great formal office or in my case university bag because it can hold a lot! IMO her time will come in fall when the colours are getting darker.
  11. Love it! Mine is coming today!!
  12. The Edith is also a bag I think that will outlast any "trend" bag out there (including the beloved paddington). It has a very classic design and the leather only looks better with use!!
  13. Congratulations on you new gorgeous Edith! I'm sure you will love it. It is a great bag (color and style!).
  14. Congrats on your rare Edith. Even more rare in your area it seems! I have b-bags too - it's a totally different bag. My Edith is more timeless to me - I know she will outlast several of my current bags..