after two long months of patiently waiting......IT'S REVEAL TIME!!!

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    hi Wangsters!! as the title states and as many of you already know, i pre-ordered the lizard embossed emile in oxblood from Saks over 2 months ago. and finally, he arrived today and WOW!!!!!! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: i'll just let the pics speak for themselves.... AW always gets colors SO RIGHT!!! the oxblood is a beautiful dark burgundy with purplish undertones and so perfect for fall.... it's THE fall "it" color!! i LOVE it!! i can't say enough how perfect a shade AW's oxblood is... not too red or too purple but just right!! it's devine!!

    i love opening stuff from Saks... it was like christmas morning!!! :P
    IMG_0016.jpg IMG_0018.jpg IMG_0028.jpg
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    the lizard embossed leather is TDF!! the texture is amazing and it's just right, not too stiff or too soft! the pics are very reflective of the oxblood color IRL!
    IMG_0029.jpg IMG_0030.jpg IMG_0031.jpg IMG_0032.jpg
  3. did i mention how much i'm LOVING the lizard embossed leather??? and i LOVE the combo with antique nickel hw.... absolutely LOVE it!!! and one new thing i noticed was a second tag on the inside next to the "Made in China" tag - there's now a smaller one that says "F12" - i'm thinkin AW will continue this with future bags to mark what season they're from.... i think it's a great idea!!
    IMG_0033.jpg IMG_0034.jpg IMG_0035.jpg IMG_0036.jpg
  4. here's a pic with flash where you can see the burgundy tones come out!

    no mod shots yet.... i'm in my PJ's right now!!! :P

    thanks for letting me share ladies!! can't wait to take him out!
    IMG_0037.jpg IMG_0038.jpg
  5. So worth the wait! Congrats! It's beautiful!
  6. Gorgeous!! Love the texture, color and the hardware! Perfect combination!!
  7. Stunning!! She's gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. omg absolutely stunning!! love love love! Well worth the wait
  9. Simply Gorgeous
  10. Beautiful!!! Modpics?:smile:
  11. I LOVE this bag! OMG, it's gorgeous!

    Interesting tags. I wonder if they will be in all the bags? It wasn't in the rockie...that's a fall 12 bag, right?
  12. it's absolutely gorgeous!!! congrats! i hope you're keeping her.
  13. it wasn't in the mercury either.
  14. Thanks ladies!!! I keep staring at this emile... And petting the leather!!! Haha
  15. i wonder if it's because rockie and the cayenne and mercury colors were "pre-fall" whatever that means!! i never even know why there's "pre-season" collections :P; i'm gonna guess that the new styles like jaime, pelican, and these fall '12 bags will all have the second tag!