After trying on gzillion pairs of shoes, both high and mid end. This is my conclusio

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  1. The only High end that's worth my bucks, in terms of the way it fits are Christian Louboutins, their styles are timeless, and fits me perfectly.
    Jimmy Choos and Manolo's were very disappointing. :tdown:
    In terms of the mid-range, i actually really liked BCBG Max Azria and Nine west shoes, the former is more expensive, but both are amazingly comfortable, and they've got some really awsome styles.
  2. For me it's JC every time.
  3. I'm a Choo fan too, his shoes are so comfortable and better for wider feet. I've given up on Manolo's because they are just too narrow
  4. i have very narrow feet, and the choos and manolo's were just terrible fit for me. the louboutins fit like a glove.
  5. manolos, some m jacos and m kors and choos. been disappointed with louboutins lately. oh and always always sergio rossi and zanotti.

    mid end: it depends,no fixed range. I tend to go super cheap then, like when I buy shoes that I dont want to worry about. I just bought a thong sandal from Zara no less, around $30 and these are great for this season. all leather and silver.
  6. I love nicer shoes. Unless it's flip flops I really can't wear cheap shoes anymore. I have to have both style and comfort so I'm in love with Taryn Rose and Donald Pilner right now.
  7. i loveee jimmy choo, they fit me perfectly! manolos are too narrow for my feet :sad:
  8. Oooh, great thread, thanks for sharing all the great info.
  9. by the way i have size 5.5 - 6sz feet.
  10. Congrats on finding what fits you best.
  11. for cheaper shoes I love the way Aldo fits me and they're usually SO comfy. I just wish they were made a little better and lasted longer.
  12. I also find Jimmy Choo the most comfortable time and time again. They fit so well!
    I like the look of Louboutins but I just can't make them work for me. Everytime I buy them they end up going back...

  13. i was so excited to try on the choo's since i've heard so much about them, and wanted to try them for the longest time (they were very very hard to find in toronto until holts started carrying them). but they are definitely not made for narrow feet like mine.
  14. Sorry if this is veering a little bit away from the topic, but I wear Tods/LV loafers, ballet flats most of the time and I have a hard time wearing heels. I have a pair of Ferragamo mules, around 1 1/2 inches and my toes still hurt! I would like to start wearing heels but I am afraid on investing expensive ones like Louboutin or Jimmy Choo because I might end up not wearing it. What brand do I buy that is the most comfortble or wearable?
  15. the brands that i listed in my OP are the ones that I found to be most comfortable and wearable. I think you really need to invest a day or two and go around and try all the brands that you can think of, regardless high/mid or low end.
    good luck, let me know what you find.