After this, I am on a BAN, I SWEAR!!!

  1. my new Black Lady Braid Satchel :yahoo:

  2. the zipper pull is my favorite :p

  3. Oof she's BEAUTIFUL!
  4. Congratulations!!! You are on a roll lately!!! You have impecable taste!!!
  5. Stunning! :love: Congrats.
  6. So gorgeous, I love it!!!!!
    Congrats!!!! =)
  7. Thank You, Ladies!!!

    She is super, buttery soft :love:
  8. Seriously gorgeous bag. I had a chance to get one in violet, but I had spent so much already. Maybe one day *sigh*.
  9. jag-

    Thank you!!! This and the Kelly are actually my only two Chanel's ...

    for now :graucho:
  10. I love it and just want to squeeze the bag. Well worth the purchase before a purse ban!!!!
  11. I love it in black! so gorgeous! please take a modeling pic when you get the chance!
  12. She looks it! Lovely, congrats!
  13. Thanks everyone!!! :flowers:

    imgg - I did take one, but I look :yucky: today - LOL!
  14. I love it! It looks so soft and squishy. Congrats on another great purchase!
  15. OMG I just want to squeeze it! Congratulations, she's beautiful!