After the whole recall what have been feeding your dog?

  1. After the whole recall what have been feeding your dog?

    I mean is it really over ? I dont want to risk and go back to any dog food.

    Im still making my own dog food [boiled chicken,rice carrot peas],but as days go by shes lacking the nutrient that are in dog food. -=[
  2. There's nothing wrong with feeding your dog homemade dog food - in fact many people people believe it's actually better for your dog! Since the meat in commercial dog foods is of inferior quality and normally contains a lot of artifical ingredients, feeding your dog a diet of fresh meat, starch, and vegetables can actually be really good for him or her. Here are some tips to make it even better:

    Rotate a variety of meat, like chicken and turkey, and try to include some organ meat (like kidney or liver), because it's very high in nutrients. Add in some crushed egg shells, because they're also very good for your dog. Your dog food should be about 70% starch (brown rice, processed vegetables) and 30% meat. Good luck!
  3. I use Blue Buffalo
  4. My furry crew and I are super happy right now with Orjin! No fillers - just meat and veggies with vitamin E to preserve it. The kids think it's treats for dinner every night - imagine, healthy AND tasty!!!
  5. I rotate between home made food, and Natural choice for small breeds weight control:shame: (my mooey is a hefty 5.3 pounds)
  6. Cooked ground turkey, brocoli, 100% protein canned by "Instinct". 1200mg fish old per day too.
  7. If you plan to make your own dog food, please, PLEASE consult with a veterinary nutritionist, in person or online. None of the above homemade suggestions are balanced nor adequate nutrition.
  8. One excellent site is
  9. My dog is really picky...the only food that he eats enthusiastically is Timberwolf Organics Ocean Blue mixed with a little bit of Merrick canned. He loves it and licks the bowl clean every time he eats.
  10. When all of the recalls were going on, I started making my own dog food also. That went on for about 2 months and I finally went back to the dog food I was giving them before which is Natural Choice, the Lamb and Rice kind. Ive tried to give my furbabies the "small bite" kind, and for whatever reason they wont eat it. They dont eat anything that is actually made for small dogs lmao! Im not too worried about the recalls anymore. Although, I was terrified to even give them treats there for a little while! My poor babies were so deprived lol.
  11. I feed Purina Pro Plan chicken and rice flavor, along w/ Cesar brand wet food occasionally.
  12. Royal Canin Indoor Puppy
  13. I dont buy those questionable mass produced dog food. I use organics dog food.
  14. I feed my little guys Castor and Pollux Organic dry dog food.

    They love it! :smile: