After Thanksgiving... Anyone else dread work tomorrow?

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  1. I'm dreading going to work so badly tomorrow, and I don't even work retail; I work at a bank until 4pm.

    Anyone else dreading work tomorrow? After any kind of holiday when you get together, like today for Thanksgiving, I just feel like staying in all day tomorrow... but I can't. I didn't even do anything too big except have relatives over, and yet I feel like I have to recover somehow.

    Just wondering if anyone else feels this way!
  2. Sure do Adore, believe me, you are not the only one!!! And I don't work retail, either, but believe me, I feel for those people more than I do myself!!!
  3. Yes, I don't understand why we can't just have the day after off!
  4. exactly what I had in mind. sometimes working for a bank sucks - atleast for me.
  5. yeah, I always request it off so I can go shopping but this year they didn't give it me.
  6. 6am...

    i have be at work by 6am..

    that is all i have to say
  7. I work retail and I have to get to work by 5:00am. That means I have to wake up at 3:00am. When I get there, we're having out Black Friday sale and it's going to be crazy.
  8. Not working tomorrow...I have fridays off...:yahoo:

    But I feel that way about Mondays...every one of them...
  9. I'll be working at American Eagle... at 7:30 am! The thing that sucks is that I don't normally work there anymore and I told them I would do it...but now it looks like they'll have me doing grunt work in the back, and missing a day of great shopping :sad:
  10. me! i was talking about it with my brother on the way home and had to change the subject b/c i got all tense. i'm one of those people who needs to "recharge" from being social, even if its being social with family i dearly love and who's company i enjoy....instead, i get to go serve people breakfast tomorrow and pretend to be nice. i felt better knowing even though i have to be up early, it's just another friday for me. i think working retail on black friday just might kill me....which is precisely why i don't work retail. :smile:

    good luck ladies!
  11. I do. I have to be at work at 7am. And working at SCP West, I have to park ridiculously far, and get SHUTTLED over to my entrance. Ugh.

    However, this is good for me because I can wear my winter clothes, since it's been colder lately. :smile:
  12. So sorry to you all working :sad:
  13. Isn't it true banks can't be closed more than 3 days in a row which is why they're open on day after thanksgiving? :shrugs: . Nevertheless, I wish you a quiet and uneventful day :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. honestly, i dont know. i'll ask around.

    it was actually quiet and uneventful. we get to leave 2 hrs than usual. :biggrin:
  15. well it wouldn't matter.. because thursday off.. sunday off. banks tend to be open on saturdays until 1pm or 2pm..
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