After such a long time -- HELLO EVERYONE!!!

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  1. As I've been getting PMs and emails from people asking why they haven't seen me around tPF lately, I decided to do a quick Hi-I'm-still-here to everyone.

    The truth is, I do visit tPF everyday, but now I only browse the threads and sub-forums, because I'm so behind in everything that I can only try to keep up now, so I've just been reading other people's threads to see what's new.

    To give everyone an update, I'm now back in my home country, Malaysia. I arrived back here on April 9, so it's already been 4.5 months :wtf:. I'm still getting acclimatized; there's so much to get used to -- the weather, the people, and the way of living and thinking that they practice here. It's difficult, I can tell you that, and I still get the negative culture shock every so often, and I miss the U.S. a lot :crybaby:. But I'm doing all right; I started working in June, as a public relations executive for a bank. I love my job, and fortunately I have a very nice boss and very nice managers whom I get along with very well.

    As far as shopping is concerned, there's next to nothing :hrmm:. The last time I bought a bag was a Guccissima Pelham when I first moved to Boston in late February, and I bought a Louis Vuitton Monogram Porte-Monnaie Plat at that time too. And I haven't bought anything since then except a Louis Vuitton Damier Card Holder when I started my job here. The good thing about being back here is that my office is only a few minutes away from two high-end malls and I go there almost every day to browse the designer stores. The bad thing is that prices here are so high, and I have to save for everything I want to buy now :smash:. HOWEVER, once my 6-month probation for work is up in December, I will reward myself with something (plus it will be around the time of my 24th birthday too :graucho:).

    Other than that, there's really nothing much else going on. I have to say I miss a lot of people on tPF, especially the ones who were active at the same time I was over the last two years. I don't see a lot of them around now, and I barely know the newer members. I guess it's difficult to keep up with this when everyone has so much going on in their own lives :sad:.

    So yes, everyone, I'm still here. It was sweet of some of you to PM me asking how things are going :love:. I really will try to post a little more; I feel so out of the loop because I haven't been shopping and all I do is go "Ooooohhhh" at everyone else's things :lol:.
  2. Hey! so good to see you back! I was wondering as well.
    I'm happy that your work is fine and you do well.
    And don't forget us! :flowers:
  3. i haven't 'met' you before so please pardon my interjection. ;)
    it sounds like things are going so well for you and i wish you the best!
  4. Was wondering where you were! Good to know you're doing well.
  5. Hey, so glad to see you back! I always enjoyed your posts, I hope you come by more often!!! :smile: It's great things are going well for your job, congratulations!
  6. Thanks for updating us!! I've missed seeing your posts, too.
  7. Hey girl!! I'm glad things are copasetic with you.:flowers:
  8. Thanks for the update Sandra! Your presence is definitely missed in the LV subforum! :P I hope everything goes smoothly in Malaysia!
  9. Hi, I remember you from the LV forum. You always had the best modelling pics. I am glad life in M. is working out for you!
  10. Hey great hearing from you again, Yeux!! I too miss your posts, pics and really got me going into LV and your style is simply impeccable.

    Congrats on your job and all the best getting settled back in!!

    XXXOO PGal
  11. Hey! Good to see you back and to hear that things are going well for you :smile:

    Melanie (formerly lamiastella)
  12. So glad you checked in. Always loved looking at your pictures! don't be a stranger.
  13. Hi , we havent "met" too haha. I really love your LV bags especially your Manhattans!!! I have been noticing you for quite sometimes...and i love your modelling post. I am from Malaysia too ! haha
  14. oh ya my office is also very near to KLCC and Pavilion. Oh i frequent there at least hmm like 3 times a week !!!! I love the food at Pavilion .
  15. no shopping = no fashion show photos = :sad:

    welcome back anyway! we still love you!