After stalking Elux for the past few weeks....

  1. :yahoo:I finally got my hands on the Lvoe cell phone charm - (They have more in stock if anyone is interested) and the last Trunks & Logos pochette :yahoo:

    Oh & I purchased the Lvoe bandeau last week - it came yesterday. I'll post pics later on.

    What should I purchase next Azur Saleya or Azur Speedy 25. Keep in mind that I already have a Damier Speedy and a Black Epi Speedy.
  2. Congrats!!!
    I saw the pochette at work, but didn't have time to order it. Now it's gone. :crybaby:I will keep stalking :p
  3. Great work stalking! I love the LVOE phone charm and the Trunks pouchette is so cute. Congrats!
  4. Don't you just Love stalking e-lux!:nuts:..That was how I finally got my sunset! Congrats! Yes~ Pics please!
  5. Congrats! I will go stalk Elux now.
  6. Congrats! Isn't a purchase all the more fun when preceeded by a hunt?
  7. I am seriously considering one of these... it's growing on me FAST!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats on the AbFab purchases!!:tup: Can't wait to see pics!!:yes: By the way, go for the Azur Saleya. It's a great bag and will mix things up a little.:okay:
  10. Congrats!![​IMG]
  11. I love the Azur Saleya but now have my eye on the beverly clutch & the sunset blvd. so I figured if I went with the Speedy 25 it would be cheaper leaving me with more money for the other 2 bags but I don't think I would be happy unless I bought a Saleya.
  12. Yes it is!