After some long thinking...I Got the Jumbo Flap!

  1. I must say, I was totally in :heart: with the Medallion I recently purchased, but had a hard time getting used to the stiff handles and the fact that it was hard to get into. Also, when I'd be stuffing my wallet/wristlet back into the bag after making a purchase, it'd always get stuck and I'd have to readjust the whole thing when I got in the car. As gorgeous as it was and as much as I loved the mediallion hang tag...I kept thinking, if I always struggle getting my items in and out of the bag, will I still love the bag for years to come? So...I decided to exchange it. :sad:
    I went to the Chanel boutique this morning, with my sights on the GST or the large Jumbo flap. After spending some time with the lovely SA who, btw, provided phenomenal service...I ended up with the Jumbo flap in shiny black caviar leather and gold chain. I adored the GST and the compartments/space, but the flap was sooo classic-looking and it fit perfectly over my shoulder. I love that the straps are essentially adjustable! As I was waiting for the SA to ring my new purchase up (no price increase btw), the large diamond tote caught my was beautiful AND roomy! (and in silver!) I think that may be my next Chanel bag!
    Also, I got invited to the trunk show in March, sooo excited for that! I have never been to one! :tup:
  2. Congrats!!! The jumbo is one of my favorite bags ever!
  3. Glad you found the right bag!
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. Congratulations, show us the pics!! :woohoo:
  6. I :heart: flaps, and want one someday, although I can't decide between an e/w or medium. Congrats on such an awesome purchase! PICS!!! PICS!!! :p
  7. I get ya with the stifness! Can we see pics???
  8. congrats on your jumbo, Im really wishing I would have gotten a flap instead of my GST but it's still beautiful. hurry and show some pics so I can live vicariously through you!:greengrin:
  9. YAY for you!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:Congrats on your new Jumbo flap!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: Soooo classic!!!!!

  10. Great bag!
    Excellent choice and a bag that I think is a must have in any collection :smile:
  11. Funny...after I bought it I went and got my first outing carrying it has been at SuperTarget lol :biggrin:
  12. congrats~ the jumbo is a great bag!
  13. I love my jumbo...congrats and enjoy!
  14. Congratulations! I have the medallion and I totally understand what you mean! Lately, I've been kinda using it as my everyday bag and I often get stuck trying to put my wallet back in the bag and feel like everybody's giving me the evil eye for holding back the line at the cash register (although I always step aside so the next person can proceed). I still love the bag but i think I should retire it from my everyday purpose and start looking for a more comfy one. Please post pictures of your new jumbo!!!!:yahoo:
  15. You'll LOVE this bag! Its an easy bag to wear and work with. Congrats!