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  1. Oh okay, so Goyard copied LV in the painting of stipes and initials on the handbags?

    I know I saw Fendi hot stamping at a Neimans before, and some other brands are trying to hot stamp too, but it looks like Goyard and LV are known for the stripes and initials on the bag, so LV did it before Goyard?
  2. Fendi does heat stamp on tags for their bags. For those initials on bags, LV started with their Mon Monogram collection than Goyard followed after?
  3. Goyard started. =)
  4. I think Goyard started it :smile:
  5. Oh really? That might be right but I thought LV started it because till last year or so, Goyard's personalization service was very limited compare to that of LV's so I thought.:smile:
  6. I'm quite sure it was Goyard. I remember seeing coat of arms etc on their vintage pieces and their clientele includes Pablo Picasso.
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    Last edited: Jul 22, 2013
    Goyard has personalized bags and trunks for as long as my bag-obsessed brain could remember... 2006? I was just under the impression that only the Goyard boutiques themselves offered it. My MIL and SIL got their totes from Barney's NYC then when it was the only place you could buy a Goyard in the US and they had no idea about the customization services until I asked my SA in Paris about it.

    I'd imagine all trunk manufacturers in historic times painted identity markers on the trunks. I'd imagine that wealthy families traveled with a LOT of luggage back then and stripes or initials helped bellhops put the right luggage in the right rooms. LV and Goyard just survived.
  8. Oh hmmm I didn't know that. I don't have a personalized bag like that so far so I don't know how I feel about them but it seems pretty nice.
  9. very pretty congrats
  10. Congrats!
    The brighter orange contrasts really nicely with the darker color of the bag!
  11. I'm so into Goyard lately! What size is this bag? I just purchased an all black Goyard St. Louis from BG in medium, but I'm questioning if I should've got the large... Are the handles of the large much longer? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  12. I bought the smaller size. I am about 5'1" and around 100 lbs.

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  13. This is gorgeous! Did you place your email online/phone? I am wondering if I can order monograming if I'm not in store.
  14. No, I ordered it in person in Paris at their St. Honoré location.
  15. Love the monogram color choice! Monograms are a must on the St. Louis.