After seeing GH in person I.....

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  1. Was very surprised. I din't realize how BIG it was IRL. It threw me for a loop. I had planned on buying a GH day while in Las Vegas at NM, but after I saw how bug it was and how big the profile was of the GH studs, I knew it wasn't for me. I was surprised because I always love everyone's gh pics, but this made me realize that I am a rh girl. I finally got to try on a rh day bag though and it was not too big at all. I loved it.
  2. I like the GH on certain styles. To me, the GH can overwhelm certain bags. Thanks for all of your reports from Vegas. I love shopping there.
  3. I hear you, I'm a RH hardware girl too I never got into the GH I tried but I just didn't like it.
  4. I only like GH on the day, I have a black GH day and I'm in love with her.
  5. i agree. i was never into the gh either. it's a bit too "bling" for me. :supacool:
  6. Same like me...I tried on a GH on day bag and I realized that I'm just an RH girl..;)
  7. In general, I don't like the GH. I only like it on the Day, Hobo and Brief. The other styles seem too heavy with it, but those have enough leather to make the hardware work.

    The DH, actually LOVES my Marine Giant Hobo...and he HATES the giant hardware...but the deep, jewel-tone blue works really well with the gold. And the leather on that bag is really wrinkly and super soft, very uniquely Balenciaga. I can't believe it wasn't until I could no longer return it to BalNY that I started to actually wear it...I know I'm crazy.
  8. Never say never ... it may just be the initial shock. That wears off after a little while... ;)
  9. I love the idea of shiny silver or gold hardware. It's the size and the texturing that's too overwhelming for me - and I don't like the extra weight. I doubt I'll ever be a GH girl.
  10. I know how you feel about GH... I just got a GH Brief and I just don't know if I will use it. It's too fancy for jeans and flip-flops. The dilemma is that the leather is YUMMY :sad:
  11. ^^Tell that to Cameron Diaz... or Nikki Hilton!! ;)

    ..or tell it to this Danish supermodel:

  12. GH is too "bling" for me too...have a nice time in Vegas!I'm sure you'll find a(some?)gorgeous bag(s?);)and that we'll drool on your pics soon:drool:!
  13. OMG, they look FAB :tup: But these girls will look good in anything... I'm just a frumpy girl next door :crybaby:

    Have you noticed that the leather on GH bags appear to be so much thicker or is it just me :confused1:
  14. I totally agree!!
  15. Celebs wear bags that are designed to be photographed from far away and look great. The GH is perfect for that. On a street in Beverly Hills (or New York) you can't tell it's a B-Bag from a half a block away unless it's got the GH. In California, there are laws keeping the paparazzi so many yards away - and I think GH is perfect for the situation!

    So the GH is indeed photogenic when viewed from a distance of 10-20 yards, that's for sure.

    Close up, it doesn't do much for me except on that deep marine blue color - and then it looks positively resorty and nautical.

    If I were in a less car-oriented culture and wanted people to see my bling from a distance, I might feel very differently.

    And I don't see any difference in the leather on the GH bags vs. the RH bags - but I've only compared the stock they have at Barney's BH, where they have quite a few white and vert gazon in both - looks the same to me. Oh, and they had an anthracite one briefly, and I didn't see any difference in the leather from my RH one.