After seeing all your gorgeous reissues and flaps...


Which bag for stacy??

  1. Black Reissue 227 with gold hw

  2. Black Reissue 227 with silver

  3. Classic jumbo caviar flap with gold

  4. Classic jumbo caviar flap with silver

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  1. I am thinking that I need one but can't seem to make a decision. I know ...shocking for me!!:shrugs:
    The only one I have is the white reissue with silver hardware...
    so should I get the black reissue 227 with gold hw (if I can find one) or silver hw OR the classic jumbo flap black caviar with silver or gold??? what do you think??
  2. Well I voted, but just go get one quick!!
  3. I voted for the Jumbo Caviar with gold hardware.
  4. How tall are you again Stacy?
  5. I am only 5'3" but I carry alot! :smile:

    Here is how I look with the white 227
    a white chanel.jpg
  6. I voted for the black reissue with silver. I think it's more casual in the silver h/w than the gold h/w and I am assuming that you will be using that size bag as a casual bag? If you were doing a smaller size, I would say go for gold.
  7. I love the silver hardware -- either reissue or caviar.
  8. Yes, all my bags are for casual adventures. I never go anywhere where I really need a dress-up bag!
  9. I think the black with the silver hardware is beautiful! That bag is on my must-track-down list!
  10. Stacy- that's something to work on!! Can't let that keep you from buying evening bags- have a stern word with your SO:heart:
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I definitely need to get into Manhattan so you can show me how it's done!!
  12. Black caviar Jumbo with silver hardware!! I love mine. I love my black/gold reissue too but caviar jumbo is easier to use lately and its good rain or shine!
  13. Black Reissue w/ silver!:yes:
  14. Macp, I thought you always wanted the black reissue with gold hw? I think the black with gold hw is a staple and an versatile bag. Knowing that the cruise will carry it in patent, will you consider getting that instead?
  15. I vote for the jumbo caviar flap with silver ... it is such a beauty!