After-Sales Services for your Hermes bags

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  1. Hello all Hermes lovers,

    I am newbie to both Hermes and the forum.

    I have been reading the forum and came across people mentioned about after-sales services and treatments.

    So, I would like to know more about the maintenance treatments for the H leather goods. i.e.,
    - Cleaning
    - Repair
    - Scratch Treatment for leather or hardware.
    - Discolour Treatment
    etc, etc. (Just share whatever you know, thank you.:smile:)

    What if the leather or the colour was discontinued?

    What do I need to bring to the shop? i.e., just the bag and the receipt? What if I don't have the receipt?

    How long does it take?

    And how much does it cost?


    Thank you all in advance.
  2. A few weeks ago I took a 35 year old barenia shoulder bag in a long-discontinued style into the boutique. The leather was a mess and the bag was coming completely unstitched. They took it apart, restitched it, reconditioned the leather, and spiffed it up for $150 USD.

    ETA: you won't need a receipt. just the bag.
  3. Just bring your bag in for spa treatment, sleeper is up to you. I've taken several bags in and the prices has varied from $0 to $50. I don't know how that is determined. Take before pictures so you can see the results. The time away from you varies greatly too. For me, time has been a couple of week to a couple of months. Oh and be specific what you want done if there is something you don't want missed.
  4. No receipt is necessary as they will verify if is authentic Hermes before actually servicing it. I believe even discontinued colors can be serviced as I've seen vintage pieces come back beautiful in colors I wish they still used.
  5. Yes they also polish up the hardware and put a protective plastic over it.
  6. Good thread - thanks for starting it Creamykitty.

    Must you drop your bag off in person at a boutique? What if you can't do that because you don't live near one?
  7. apart from the above they can totally rework your bag ( replace panels straps handles ) too my mom(aka three bag lady) was a specialist wih that her former (now stolen) birkin got totally replaced over the years she just loved it so much
  8. How horrible, her birkin was stolen..your poor Mum..
  9. Thank you for sharing the experiences. Keep them coming!

    I guess Hermes is the only one or one of the very few brands that has these kind of services for their customers/products.

  10. Saw this in another thread and thought what Croissant wrote was very useful.
    Credit to Croissant
  11. I had my birkin refurbished--they cleaned it and touched up all of the scuffs. I did drop it off in person (while on vacation), but they mailed it back to me when it was ready.
    Total cost with shipping was $150.
  12. From the thread "Simple way to have bag authenticated" (but it's a bit old)

    The cost for cleaning was $75.

    and to emboss your initials (heat-stamping) was free of charge.

    thanks to CDL and Croissant
  13. I actually saw two bags at the BH boutique being worked on. They were taken apart so that the damaged portion could be sent back to France to have the new leather piece dyed to match. I was shown the new pieces that were sent over. One was ostrich and the other was box I think. Very impressive! $150 to rehab a bag that is falling apart sounds like a steal!
  14. CreamyKitty - I do not live near a boutique & will ship bags to my "home" boutique for spa treatments. I simply let my SA know what I will be sending and when I will ship it. She then calls me when it arrives & we will discuss what needs to be done. As others have stated above, I have found the cost thus far between $0 to $60. This is a great thread - thank you for starting it!
    Credit to Hummingbird