After sale service for Pre-Loved purchase

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  1. Hi, I am new to LV and I only have 1 Lv bag bought it from the boutique.

    I read that some people bought pre-loved LV bag , I wonder how the after sale service at the boutique ?
    Can we take our preloved LV bag to the store in case we need something to be fix or do some customize like hot stamp ?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I just did yesterday! Picked up my new-to-me NF GM from the consignment shop, walked a couple blocks over to LV for a hot stamp & took her home.


    LV has also given me dust bags for preloved bags in the past. As long as it's authentic, you should have no worries!
  3. Ok Noted!

    As long as it's authentic then no need to worry about the after sale service.

    Thanks for sharing the pic too.
  4. Exactly! Just be sure to have it authenticated first or purchase from a reputable consignor.

  5. How do I get it authenticated ?
  6. yes,
    most items can still be services untill 10 years and some more
    you take it to the specialist in the store who can find all the repairs
    that can be made to a bag and the cost
    it's a good plus to have even if it's $$$
  7. sometimes it depends on your SA as well.
  8. I've had many a pre-loved piece repaired although depending on the age of the item, they may or may not have the parts they need.

  9. There's a thread here for online auction authentications - I would link it for you but I'm on my phone!

    Most reputable consignment shops will guarantee authenticity. The two I shop at in my city authenticate in-house and are really picky about what they buy so I always feel comfortable shopping there. Plus you can try it on in the store, see if it's the right size to fit your needs and check out the date codes & any other "tells" for authenticity if you want to double check for yourself.

    I'm sure the online consignment boutiques like Yoogis Closet and Couture USA also guarantee authenticity but I've never bought anything from those sites.

    The only purse I've ever bought preloved online was a "something blue" Vernis LV clutch for my wedding on eBay & had the gurus in the authenticate thread here check it out for me before I bought it. After it arrived in the mail, I took it to the LV store to ask for a dust bag & the SA complimented it so I feel very good about my purchase!
  10. I also have had a very good experience with a pre-loved item. A few years back I bought a Grelots charm off the Bay. It wasn't too long before the key chain piece that turns broke completely apart.

    I took it to my Boutique and they took it right to the back and fixed it up (put a new part) right on it in no time! I was thrilled.

    IMO there are perks to owning luxury items. Heh? :graucho:
  11. Yes, always ask! I recently had a pre-loved clés repaired and even though it was a limited edition from a few years back, they still had the parts - and they even returned it to me in the red dust bag it would've come in originally! Fabulous service.
  12. Now that's what I call service! Aren't you glad you got one of those pretty little red bags? That's really cool. ;)
  13. I bought the fleur epi charm and I even got an exchange for a new one! 👍