after returning my CASSIS ZIPPY....i decided to get..

  1. so I bought a CASSIS zippy before seeing the color IRL...I like the color BUT I just wasnt happy with it on the zippy..i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Grenade color..but anyway the Cassis is gorgeous on bigger peices such as bags and what not..I was going to get a Grenade zippy..but when I saw this it was such a tough hard not to get both! But I am on a budget right now so i just couldnt go get 2 =(

    this is what I returned the cassis for...

    2 20 021.JPG

    2 20 019.JPG

    2 20 020.JPG

    ..not as pretty as the epi...but it was cheap and practical..I will DEFFINATELY be back for some Grenade and Cassis soon...
  2. Congrats! I love it! So versatile and cute!
  3. It opens up so different but looks so practical. I love the zipper on the back!
  4. Really cute !!! Congrats!!
  5. double post! But to make it worthwhile, I do like the trunks and bags cles and seeing your new wallet, i want it now!
  6. Thanks..I really want epi =( I never liked epi..until Grenade and Cassis came out.
  7. Congrats, I love it!
  8. awesome!!!! good choice, looks so big inside
  9. ^it is SO big inside!
  10. Congrats! Glad you changed it for something you love more!
  11. i am sure this will bring ay lot of joy..:tup:
  12. oh very practical...looks like the slim down version of the mono zippy. congrats!
  13. omg...that's what I'VE wishing for! ahhhh march 10 can't come soon enough!
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Awesome! Sorry the zippy didn't work out for you but your new one looks very roomy!