After reading the forums I see that members have found Chanel on sale and wonder if

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  1. the popular bags like petite shopper tote ever go on sale at Neimans or Saks.Sorry Im a chanel novice and wonder if I would ever be able to get a bag on sale I like
  2. Yes, the pink PST and pink medallion tote were on sale in late 2007. Classic styles in seasonal color do go on sale from time to time. I decided to pass since I have two pink Chanel bags already.
  3. not in Classic colors
  4. Not sure if they go on sale but both Neiman and Saks have times when they have double/triple points and you can get gift cards for your purchases.
  5. The classic ones don't go on sale but people save money on them by doing ^^^ and by opening new card accounts with the various stores, which saves usually 10%.
  6. I was at NM tonight and one of those new (09, I think) pink tweed, giant flap bags with the leather strap was on the sale table... I was kind of floored. But one of those beautiful YSL bow satchels was on sale too, not sure the skin though.
  7. Iow much was that tweed flap and which neimans?
  8. ^the NM @ Lenox in ATL. I didn't open it to find out... it was just laying on the "sale" table, right out in front of the little Chanel boutique.