After-pimple redness not fading...

  1. Hi gals, I sometimes get pimples on the sides of my cheeks and chin. They used to fade after a few days of using creams etc. or after being popped (which I don't do normally). Nowadays, often a flat red dot remains which does not go away. The skin remains flat (no acne "hole" but still).

    What to do? I've tried acne creams, healing creams, nothing, peelings, use sunscreen etc. but the red dots don't fade anymore. Grr.:cursing: I've given up on acne creams etc. because I keep getting pimples especially around a certain time of the month but if nothing else at least I don't want the red dots anymore.

    Thanks for any suggestions! :smile:
  2. Do you see a dermatologist? My derm gives me an rx for healing redness and scaring it's called Tazorac. Hopefully someone can give you an over the counter remedy though, I'd be curious too. Good luck!
  3. I use retinoids to "turn over" my skin's layers and help it rejuvenate. The retinoid I prefer is Tazorac (gosh, I should get paid for advertising this stuff!) Other people use Retin-A or even over-the-counter retinoids and find them useful. Retinoids (because they help rejuvenate your skin) I find instrumental in helping me to get rid of any blemish markings so much the faster.

    In addition to retinoids though you MUST use sunscreen! You are in Switzerland so you have ready access to sunscreens that we don't in the USA. I recommend anything with the ingredient mexoryl (and myself favor La Roche Posay, found in drugstores everywhere.)

    Until your red marks fade, you might want to use some sort of green colored neutralizing cream under your foundation/concealer. I used to use the one by Shu Uemura and never found it problematic with my skin which was VERY sensitive acne-prone and extremely oily (and I am very fair as well so these showed up all the more.)

    You might want to experiment with other preventative measures, like facial washes with (for example) salycilic acid (I think I'm spelling that right?) or with something like Yasmin (birth control pill; I use this and it radically improved my complexion.)

    I don't know if something like hydraquinone (sp?) would be appropriate in your case because I believe that is more for people with hyperpigmentation, but someone else here should know much more than I do.

    Best of luck!
  4. My skin is very fair and sensitive. When I used to get a pimple, the red mark would last for months! People always tell me what a lovely complexion I have, but it is very delicate and I am extremely careful as to what I out on it.

    When I want to turn over the skin cells rapidly, I use an AHA... but only every other day, or else that makes me red too.
  5. I'm having the same problem :sad:
  6. Thank you all, I'm going to see my dermatologist soon and will ask for something like Tazorac, I hope she knows it!
  7. Microdermabrasion took care of all my red marks and scars!
  8. Wow Skinny!! :nuts: Did you get it at a dermatologist's or cosmetics person or did you buy some over the counter microdermabrasion kit?
  9. I think I mentioned this a few times before but I had chin acne (like the op) and the only thing that cleared it up was antibiotics (amoxycillin). Takes a week or so but the zits never came back. :smile:
  10. I've had the same problem (so annoying) and found that Prescriptives Skin Tone Correcting Serum really worked - and worked fast. Be careful with Tazorac - it is very strong and can cause your skin to go ballistic (at least that's what happened to me and to my step daughter). Good luck!
  11. To eliminate blemishes, you must first eliminate the acne. I would consider having your hormone levels checked. If you persistantly are experiencing breakouts, birth control like Yasmine or Orthotrycycline will regulate the hormone levels thus reducing breakouts. I suggest washing with a mild soap like Dove sensitive skin bar soap (the green label), and definitely try some sort of Retin-A product. Duac Gel in conjunction with Atralin and birth control has worked wonders for me. I've been through years of acne torture, so I am experienced with products (and which work and which don't work). Also, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL if you try tore my skin apart...literally. Never wear Retin-A products during the day due to sun sensitivity. For redness, laser helps but is expensive. I would try dabbing some Neosporin on the freshly popped pimple-works for me. Hope this helps!
  12. yes I have heard microdermabrasion helps with this problem (I have it too)
    has anyone used any at home ones with success?
  13. If you are looking for a super cheap relatively quick fix Neutrogena has a gel and I can't remember the name exactly but it's something like 2 in 1 fade and treat, and it works wonders. I get exactly what you describe every once in awhile and it drives me crazy--I am so fair and the little red dot is sooo obvious--but I use this for 2 or 3 nights in a row and the mark is definitely not as noticeable. HTH!
  14. I have used retinoids in the past for this kind of lingering pigment from acne. My dermatologist recommended it specifically for that problem, yours will probably be able to suggest one that is good for your skin. Do be very careful when you use them because they can make your skin very sensitive to sun and other stuff like waxing. Lucky magazine had a big article on using over the counter retinoids, either this month or last month. It might be something to try, too. Personally I don't use retinoids right now and I'm happy with my skin, when I get a blemish I use a gentle spot treatment like Lush's Grease Lightning, which helps clear them up but is non drying, so the area doesn't get as red. You might need something stronger, though, I've never had very severe acne (knock on wood).
  15. Old thread, but a current problem for me. I'm seeing my dermatologist tomorrow and this is on my list of questions for him! My skin is so darn sensitive that I don't know if I can even tolerate anything strong enough to help.