After Paypal decides in your favor

  1. how long until your account is refunded?

    I had a Paypal dispute that I escalated to a claim and they had frozen the amount in the seller's account. The claim was decided in my favor on the 1st, but I don't know if that was simply automatic and done by computer since the seller had not responded.

    Will the actual refund have to be done by a person instead of automatically? How long should I wait to see the refund before I move on and stop payment on my credit card because I will NOT just let this go if the seller doesn't have funds in their account to cover it. Additionally, how could Paypal have frozen that amount in their account unless it was in there?

    One last question: if the money is refunded by Paypal, will it go back onto the credit card it came off of? There isn't a Paypal account separate from the credit card I have there, is there?
  2. The payment will be refunded to you account, then immediately refunded to your credit card if you paid in that manner. It seems like this should happen pretty soon after the claim was decided in your favor. Have you already received the credit card statement with this charge on it?
  3. Yes, this whole mess has been going on for over a month, so the charge has already appeared on my credit card statement. However, I think that they need at least one or two business days to process the payment, right? They cannot make the refund until businesses are open to accept them, I think.

    So I will wait at least until Wednesday before either contacting Paypal to find out or proceeding with my credit card company.
  4. It took one and half month to close the dispute in my account.
  5. Once PayPal closes the claim, they(PayPal) initiates the refund to you. If you paid with a credit card, it can take up to 30 days for the credit to post to your account. However, it usually only takes 3-5 business days. Similar to if you bought something in a regular store and returned something for a refund. They have up to 30 days to post it to your account, but like I said it's usually a matter of a few business days.
  6. I filed a dispute once and coincidentally Paypal froze the seller's account (for other reasons) and Paypal said all her funds are frozen. So I just waited for the claim to be decided in my favour (which is a no-brainer since the seller hasn't shipped yet), and to be refunded. However after I won the claim, Paypal then said that the seller had no money left in her Paypal account. The seller had also been advised by others from this forum (who unfortunately didn't know the full story) to delink her bank account from her Paypal account, to prevent Paypal from dipping into her bank account to make up for the shortfall. She did that, and Paypal basically just said that they'll try to recover the balance but there's no guarantee that they can. So, to answer your question, Paypal can freeze the funds, you can win the claim, but that doesn't mean you'll get your money back. However, Paypal will email to tell you if there're insufficient funds, so if you haven't received that email, then I guess you're pretty safe and should get refunded soon.