after patina sets in, can it go out in the rain?

  1. will a bag that is totally patina'd get water spots on it if it goes out in the rain?
  2. How patina-ed are we talking? The leather continues to patina (heck, my mom's 17 year old speedy still isn't completely done) but the color will eventually even out so spots aren't so noticeable.
    My mom took her black MC speedy out in the rain a couple months ago and it got soaked, but it returned to the same honey color it was when she took it out of her closet that day.
  3.'s still the same Vachetta leather only darker,....only if you treat it with an All Leather spray from Apple Guard, Wilson's leather or Shining Monkey will it be safe...

    Good Luck, and congrats on your New Batignolles...
  4. I take mine out in the rain all the time and have NO problem with it. And I've never sprayed it with anything.
  5. fully patinated (is that even a word?) vachetta would be buffed to a glossy sheen and is pretty much like tanned and dyed leather.

  6. Me too. I always take them out in the rain and I've never had any water spots or anything. Even if it's gotten wet it still returns to original color.
  7. I take mine out rain or shine! They are just bags!!! Who cares!!!:lol:
  8. If the bag is already fully patina, I don't think you will notice it.
  9. yes who care , a bag is a bag
  10. I don't baby my bags at all so I take mine out in the rain all the time too. Water spots are less obvious when the patina is darker but they do still show if you are concerned about that type of thing.
  11. i've taken one of my bags out in the rain and it's no where near being fully patinaed. nothing even happened to it!
  12. I take mine out in the rain but I try to avoid downpours. The darker the patina the less noticable the rain spots I would think. None of mine have patina'd completely yet.
  13. Ditto! :yes:
  14. never had any problems