After Only 4 Months Of Marriage.....POOF

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    It's over. Jennifer Esposito and that cutey, Bradley Cooper. Esposito filed for divorce on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences.

    Esposito is seeking spousal support and requests that the court deny any financial support for Cooper. She's also asking that he pay her legal fees. A rep for Esposito said in a statement on Wednesday: "Jennifer Esposito has filed for divorce. She asks that you respect her privacy at this time."

    Cindy Guagenti, a rep for Cooper, said in another statement: "The divorce was mutual and they've been separated for quite a while."

    After only 4 months of marriage and just about a year of dating, and she's suing for spousal support?? He totally cheated on her, don't you think???,,20037538,00.html
  2. I love the part that says they have been apart for awhile, they've only been married for 4 MONTHS :nuts:
  3. That was fast.
  5. Wow...I wish people would start taking marriage a little more seriously.
  6. who are they?
  7. ^^LOL I don't know either and don't care. These people don't know what marriage is all about that's for sure. They get married at the drop of a dime and divorced in the same breath...:rolleyes:

  8. I think she's been in small movies/tv shows - don't know much about her. But Bradley - I adore him! He was in Alias as Sydney's best friend Will. He was also in The Wedding Crashers and Failure to Launch. I was so surprised to hear about this divorce! I thought since they aren't a "limelight" couple that this relationship might make it!
  9. Wasn't she in "Crash"?
  10. ^^Oh yeah! I forgot about that role. You're right!
  11. Cheated? Who knows!

    Spousal support? PLEASE!!!
  12. That was fast! I didn't even know they were an item!
  13. Spousal Support?!!! Huh??!!!
  14. wow, couldn't even handle a year!!
  15. well that's hollywood marriage....