After next Bbag, Help ???

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I've pre-ordered a Rouge Vif City
    and I have an option on a Blue India City (or Day, I'll decide when my SA receive the bags).
    But I'm not sure for the Blue India:shrugs: ,because I haven't seen the colour in real... So maybe I'll have to switch very quickly :wtf: in the store for an another bag...But which one ?????
    I already have Black City / Cornflower First / Emerauld First / Truffle Day / Rouge Vif City (soon).

    I'm not a Twiggy or Box girl...And as you see I love to have different colours.

    So maybe a Work ??? in Grenat (because I don't have this type of colour)??? Or maybe a very classical Black First ???? or something else ??
    Any ideas :idea: ????
  2. How about Bleu Roi? Although the work in Grenat sounds lovely!
  3. as i see u already have several firsts, and a black city, i would say a weekender.
  4. yeah maybe a grenat weekender!! :yes:
  5. Is Blue Roi new?
  6. Isn't Bleu Roi= Blueberry? Which is new right?
  7. If the Blue India City looks off, I'd go for a Grenat Work.:yes:
  8. ^^OOooooo! Haha - that would make sense. I was wondering how I could have missed ANOTHER new blue color! haha
  9. fromparis, I think a grenat work would be a lovely addition!
    beauxgoris, bleu roi = blueberry = pre-fall 06 :smile:
  10. I agree - I also would go for a GRENAT work or weekender ;) :yes: !! GOOD LUCK fromparis - and please let us know your decision :flowers: :love:
  11. Thanks you so much Girls for helping :flowers: :flowers: !!

    I follow you : If I don't like Blue India, I'll go for a grenat work (not sure for the WE, because I'm only 1,68m, but I'll try:yes: )

    And if I don't like the leather on grenat specimens, I'll go for a black First with nice leather:graucho: !!

    or I'll wait for SS 07 ;) !!!
  12. fromparis, the grenat work is a great choice! I hope you find one with leather that you'll love! :heart:
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