After my year long ban, my first LV wallet!

  1. Hi gals! :smile:

    First of all, I survived my one year ban! Yay!

    Some of you may recall that I had a hard time deciding between the Cozy and Ludlow. Well, after looking at both at the stores (several times, I must add!), I've decided that I like the Ludlow better. It's got separate cc slots and I'm a sucker for monogram. The bf got it for me as an early birthday present - very early, my birthday is in August!, and as a mark of our five years together. Here's a pic of it. The SA gave us a catalogue too.
  2. Wow, you survived a 1 year ban. :shocked:

    Congrats on that .... I would have never been able to do that without pulling my hair out. :hysteric:

    Love the Mono Ludlow, its too cute. Congrats and enjoy it!
  3. A year ban ???!!! OMG...

    I'm very happy for you, enjoy !!!
  4. congrats.....
    I wish I can survive a year ban :p
  5. Congrats!!! You must have a very strong will power to survive a 1 year ban!:tup:
  6. Wow ! Well done for the one year ban!
    Congrats :smile:
  7. Congrats on surviving a year long ban!
  8. Love your wallet! How did you survive the year ban- did you stay completely away from the boutiques, did you buy something else?
    I know to quit smoking, I stayed out of clubs for a year & a half.
  9. Congrats on the purchase and getting through such a long ban.

    Hope I can keep to my ban:rolleyes:

  10. yay! good job Shopaholic Isis! :tup: you have to tell us your secret!

    congrats on the pretty mono ludlow!!
  11. WOW congrats on surviving an entire year!!! WOW!

    And congrats congrats on the new ludlow!
  12. One year ban?? My God!!! :wtf:
    And here I was thinking I was tough, just 'cos of this lil' ol' sore leggy of mine! You need a medal! [​IMG]

    Congratulations both on your new purse and your five year anniversary.
  13. Lovely ludlow. You'll find it so useful!
  14. Ludlow is such a cool piece. Congrats on that and your great will power!!!
  15. LOL the same I tought, wow you are brave !!
    love the ludlow :yahoo: congrats