After my Alma family picture, it is time to say good bye to my Alma flu

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  1. If you remember me, I am the one got Alma flu, not a handheld person but addict to the Alma beauty, rarely carry Alma but cannot help myself to come to them. I believe I got all the beauty I want about Alma and my 2014 resolution is starting to carry them, can you believe the DE, Mono and Epi all above 12yrs, they are still so beautiful and quality are amazing in their canvas and leather.

    Let me welcome my Alma family, thanks for those who visited my thread and gave me great suggestions, I appreciate everyone a lot!

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  2. Very beautiful collection of Alma's! I love looking at them but not so much carrying them. I haven't carried my pomme gm alma except for once. I'm not sorry I have her though!!!

    I hope you will be posting model shots of these beauties!!!!! And enjoy them for years to come!!!!
  3. Love it! I want more Alma!
  4. They are all beautiul, very nice Collection! Carry them with pride and enjoy them!!!
  5. What a beautiful Alma collection. :heart:
  6. Love all the almas :smile:
  7. Love your Alma collection, they all are gorgeous!
  9. Thank you, everyone! I really enjoy to have them in my collection.
  10. I love the alma too more than any other bag :smile:
    lovely collection enjoy!!!
  11. Lovely Alma collection, they are absolutely stunning.
  12. beautiful alma family
  13. Fabulous collection of beauties! Please use them!
  14. Alma is my favorite too. I have an amarante pm, but I also rarely use it. But it's so pretty :P
  15. beautiful Alma collection!