After much searching.... please help with medium ergo tote pics

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  1. OK, so I've searched for about 1/2 an hour trying to find 1, just ONE, pic of someone wearing a medium ergo tote for reference and I have found nothing. Perhaps my searching skills suck but I'm really frustrated now and am tired of searching for one elusive picture. I don't want to be yelled at for not using the search feature but I also don't want to be afraid to post a new thread when I can't find something I want to find after searching forever. :cursing: :push: :sad:

    SO, I'm asking for some kind hearted soul to help me out and either A) find a pic for me B) link me to a thread with the needed pic or C) take a new pic for me and post it here.

    I want to know how big a medium tote is on a person and I wouldn't mind knowing how much fits inside of it. Thanks to whomever (or whoever?) is kind enough and willing to help my frustrated self with this request!! LOL! :rolleyes:
  2. What color are you thinking of getting? I love the look of the White Ergo Tote when you have a Coach Scarf hanging off of it on one side. I remember someone here had posted a photo here. The legacy lining is Gorgeous with it! I have the tote in Khaki but it does not have the Legacy lining inside and I have not found a Scarf that matches it,
  3. I love the medium size! not too big, no too small!! :tup: glad you found the thread, that can be frustrating!!
  4. Teena, you know I love and rock the big bags, but seriously, since I got my turquoise medium Ergo two weeks ago I have not stopped using it! LOVE it! I'm glad I didn't get the bigger one. I love it so much I am contemplating getting (okay, I AM going to get) the chocolate signature version when it comes out. I *gasp* think I love it more than my chocolate Carly! I'm sad because I am switching out to a swingpack tomorrow when I go to the Scrapbook Expo, I won't be using it all weekend!
  5. Oh and by the way, it holds a TON, today I was carrying in the zip pocket: girly things, tide pen, pill box, eye-drops. In the main compartment, Wallet (multifunction chocolate perfection), Legacy coin purse, LV mini pochette with headphones, shuffle, pencil, pen, oil blotting paper, LV checkbook, LV multi-cles (Vernis), BE Compact, some coupons, four paystubs, WW trackers (two), cell phone, WW calculator, AND a bottle of water, WITH room to spare! Not to mention the leather has a gorgeous sheen (it was moisturized before I got it) AND the happy Legacy lining!!
  6. I have the same tote and I love it also. I also got the matching checkbook wallet. Nordstrom had the signature Ergo totes on sale for $245 so I had to get it. I'm thinking that I may not be able to carry the turquoise all year but I can definetly carry the signature one.

    By I also got the Signature Chocolate Carly today and I love it. :woohoo: