After much pondering and talking to Balny Sa's, magenta or not?

  1. Okay, After talking to Kim and WHit about this and thisnking about it over night (i even had dreams about it) I decided that b/c Magenta wasn't one of my HG colors that I should really not be selfish and let everyone else who has wanted this bag so badly, have it. This was very difficult to do since DH said "Oh, whatever, just get it." I felt really greedy. I think that it is very lovely, but I would have been devastated if it was AG and everyone bought it that didn't really WANT it and I didn't get one. So, long story short, I felt like getting it without have a deep love for it went against the Balenciaga Forum friendship and passion for collectiong. My name is on the list for "grape", i.e. violet and that is truely the color I want. Incoral and Nanaz are going to have spectacular reports for all of us! If my sister wasn't getting married during the trunk show, I would have hoped on a plane ASAP! Love you all, can't wait to see everyone's Magenta pics!
  2. Sorry for all the type-o's, My kids and I have stood outside in Spokane for 5 hours collecting money for The Guild School. It is a school for children w/ dissabilities that my DD, Savann, went to from age 3 months to 3 years.... Brain is fried.
  3. awww that's very thoughtful of u!
  4. I think it really depends if you want it!!!! If it isnt for you then thats ok too as there is bound to be lots of colours that are you in fw!
  5. I agree with the others, if you don't really love it, there are so many gorgeous colors coming up. I've always wanted a magenta, but it scares me. I don't think that I will get a lot of use out of it, but then again, maybe when I get it I will use it more than I think. However I'm always looking for Magenta on eBay but wouldn't pay the price for a bag that wasn't high on my want list.
    However a new one at the regular price, YES indeed. :yes:
    Pink is my favorite color so I'm sure I will like it even if it's not used a lot. I match my bags to whatever I am wearing and I always have a neurtral hanging where I can grab it.
  6. Shasta, I think that's awesome of you. I decided against it, too, as it's not on my wish list either. That's not to say I do not think about it as I just bought the cutest fuchsia eyelet blouse, but I'm trying not to think about how great it would match!
  7. Well, I think you will LOVE Violet and I am proud of you for having restraint on the Magenta!:smile: You're not the only one not getting one...I am waiting to spend my money for the Fall colors! I'm so excited!!!!
  8. yes i agree with all of you, i am not having the magenta it's not in my wish colors list so i prefer to save for the violet and jaune!!!
  9. i was actually thinking the same thing... magenta is such a vibrant, beautiful color, and i'm really tempted. and the "limited edition" part always makes you want things more, right? :p but it really would be a nice thing to do to pass on it, so someone else who really really wants it can have it without having to pay the over-retail eBay price. you're doing the right thing. i'll also be resisting the temptation. :smile:
  10. i wonder if i paid for two cities they would just sew two batches of leather together and made me a brand fresh spanking new work ....*floats off to dreamland * ...;)
  11. I love it!
  12. hehe what can i do work is the SMALLEST size i would buy a bbag these days :nuts: ... i just need MORE MORE MORE of this gorgeous leather !:drool: cities are just like appetisers to me ! bring in the steak ! :supacool:
  13. I am on the list for it, the Magenta City was my holy grail bag for a long time. I've been sorta over Bbags (even though I just bought a Marine City). If I decide I dont want it when it arrives, onto eBay it will go.
  14. I want to see the bags in person, try them on, then decide. If all the cool fall colors are sold out by the time they hit stores, SO BE IT. It's not meant to be. It's actually better if they're sold out- it means I get to save $$$!:p
  15. Shasta -- sounds to me like you've made the right decision. It's hard not to get swept up in the commotion when something huge like this happens in the Bal-bag world! Sometimes hype alone can cloud my vision and cause me to do things I regret later on. It's great that you're sticking with your gut and keeping your head on straight! Plus....violet is going to be AWESOME!