After much harping from her RAOK buddy....twinkie's collection!

  1. After being a member of tPF for over a year, I realized I have never taken the time to put together a group photo of my collection. My RAOK buddy was also quick to point this out! So this morning, I went on a hunt for everything I could I find and finally took a group picture. I feel like I'm leaving something out, though...

    So without further is my collection!
    Andrea's Collection.JPG
  2. Very pretty the color on that green carryall....
  3. Thanks! After getting everything together, it seems I have a thing for carryalls and gallery totes...

    Oh, yes, and wristlets I NEVER use! I like to look at them though! I know, I'm a weirdo...
  4. Great collection, Twinkie!! Thanks for posting it for us to enjoy!!
  5. SUch a pretty and varied collection!

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. Wow twinkie! Nice collection!! I love the variety!
  7. Wholy Shnikes!!!!!!!!! What a collection you have there!!! Awesome!:tup:
    I LOOOOOOVE the green carryall!! :drool:
  8. Love your collection!

    but I must say....your avvy pic is the BEST! SOoooo cute!
  9. WOW! Beautiful stuff you got there!!! Love it all;)
  10. wow that is some collection. thanks for the eye candy!
  11. That's a great collection Twinkie - love your lilac Hampton's carryall.
  12. Love the collection. The green popped at out me, so pretty!
  13. Here are a few more pics...
    100_1433.JPG 100_1431.JPG
  14. Beeeyoootiful!!! :tup:
  15. Great collection! Thanks for sharing the pic with us. :smile: